Mecha Morphing

It’s the year 2017 and the world is nothing like it used to be. It has been annihilated! Countless floods, snowstorms, and tremendous heat have ravaged the globe. It has depleted into a fragile environment unsafe for human survival.
The once abundant and even abused natural resources are becoming more sparse. The resources on which mankind depends for survival are controlled by a few lords who serve the supreme ruler, Sarin. The most powerful regions are those that control these resources. Every day, wars and fights between these regions erupt over these riches. As humanity continues to fall, cyborgs begin to take over the earth.

Fast forward to the year 2089, a terrible nuclear war breaks out. Lord Sarin, the ultimate ruler, takes advantage of this opportunity and calls for the mass production of cyborgs. Being sold out to destruction, he sold some of the weapons to all warring sides. The war ended millions of lives and ruined the homes of many. So the story doesn’t get too long: Lord Sarin creates a powerful cyborg army and becomes filthy rich and more powerful than any other man on earth. 
In any story, there is no villain without a superhero. Someone must stop the great evil and return sanity to the world. A team of heroes arises, the ones who called themselves “The Rogue Ones”. They refuse to have anything to do with the Sarin because they despise his rulership which has exploited mankind to the point of near extinction.

The Rogue Ones source natural resources and trade them to the disadvantaged ones, making survival easier for mankind. They share what little food they have with others in need who are starving due to shortages of food. Lord Sarin is not happy about these “illegal” acts and sends the Law Enforcement after them.
So you see, a ray of light is appearing at the end of the tunnel. And if The Rogue Ones put up a good fight, there might be a bright shining light that could illuminate the entire tunnel. You can help The Rogue Ones defeat Lord Sarin and his army of robots. You too can become a hero who is out to bring sanity into this world by making evil fall on their knees. Want to know more about this adventure? Read on!

Meet Mecha Morphing


Without mincing words, Mecha Morphing is a superb GameFi project. It is a fully decentralized action role-playing game powered by the same people it was built for — the players!

The Mecha Morphing metaverse is unique and offers an opportunity to earn while engaging in activities within the metaverse. This game employs blockchain technology as can be seen in their use of digital technology and NFTs.

By participating in and adding to the Mecha Morphing metaverse, players can earn money. Earn tokens through participating in fights, making weapons and armor, looting land, trading stuff on the marketplace, mining resources, and finishing tasks set up by other players. Players can improve their asset worth by participating in the metaverse with this play-to-earn concept. The more you play an active role, the more you can earn. This results in a lovely chain reaction. While being active adds value to yourself, it also adds value to other players, developers, and everyone else involved in the metaverse.



The most important purpose of this game is to create a vibrant and ever-expanding metaverse. We want to collaborate with those in our metaverse to find the ideal formula for everyone participating in the community. The Mecha Morphing team intends to build a community that will grow and sticks with the team. As a result, so much work is put into building gameplay that offers several ways to earn while also being interesting. Here are the three main components of Mecha Morphing:

Play to Earn

Even though there will be several things to discover in the Mecha Morphing metaverse, the majority of players will choose to play to earn. Players can unlock five different game systems in the first version of the game. The core team has mentioned adding more worlds and mini-games as the metaverse expands.

Forging System

The main function of the workshop is to forge, enhance, and upgrade mecha and weapons. We’ll pause here and do a little bit of education for those who do not know what a mecha is. Forgive us for not doing that early in the article:

If you love anime you’ve probably seen a Mecha several times. A mecha is simply a kind of robot you can control from its inside like you would a car. You literally wear a mecha and walk around like a robot.

In the Morphing metaverse, to forge mecha you need Mecha drawing, materials, time, and enough $MMC (you’ll learn more about the $MMC as we proceed). You can also enhance your Mecha and upgrade your Mecha level with special items too.

Mecha is not the only thing you are forged. You can manufacture your weapons and enhance them by having certain items too. Morphing’s gameplay features are quite remarkable, you’ll agree.

Bounty System

Player to player smart contracts will be the bounty in the Mecha Morphing metaverse. Players will be able to write down specific activities they want to complete in exchange for a predetermined price. Players who are interested in taking up these tasks must finish them before receiving the contract’s prize. The possibilities are limitless here. Players can get as creative as they want.

So that’s a subtle message to you… If you would love a game that’ll bring out your creativity, then Mecha Morphing is perhaps the right game for you!

Who Are The Brains Behind Mecha Morphing?






Mecha Morphing makes use of a dual token system. $MMC is the in-game utility currency circulating and $MAPE is the governance token circulating in the ecosystem.

The Utility Token: $MMC

$MMC (ERC-20) is the in-game utility token that underlies the game’s gaming mechanics. Its total supply is 100,000,000. During games, players use this token to perform everything. The $MMC coin will be used for tasks such as armor repair, health replenishment, marketplace purchases of NETs, and forging

$MMC is generated mostly via successful PVE and PVP fighting, land creation, and marketplace trading of NFTs. More $MMC-rewarding features will be added in the future. Also, to gain more $MMC, new planets will be launched with restored resources.

The Governance Token: $MAPE

Players who own the $MAPE token will be able to vote on proposals and split gaming income. The more $MAPE you possess, the more influence you wield in the metaverse. Players can earn $MAP by joining the Mecha Morphing creative team to earn, process, or stake a large sum of SMK to earn $MAPE.

The Mecha Morphing team believes that a powerful metaverse can only be realized if there is a thriving community within it. As a result, they urge players to make suggestions for its creator-to-earn method. $MAPE tokens are given to users that generate content such as art, videos, plans for the future, or anything else that the Mecha Morphing team believes will be profitable in the future of the metaverse.



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