Even though the metaverse industry is still at an infancy stage, it has proven itself as a great medium of blockchain innovation that can be significantly used to mirror manifold sectors of our multi-faceted physical or real environment. This has created an innovative niche for talented creators and blockchain developers to experiment with different approaches, which can effectively enhance the adoption and acceptability of crypto technologies.

Among projects that strive to be at the forefront of such innovation is Hangry Animals. Hangry Animal was founded on an interesting storyline that was intended to pave the way for a heterogeneous bunch of hybrid human/animal creations that incorporate an expansive universe of animals.

The project has a goal to create a unique and dependable future brand that can effectively bridge the real world of film making with digital art utility through the implementation of innovative ideas that are facilitated by blockchain and multimedia technologies.

Earlier this year, the project launched a star-studded entertainment NFT franchise in Miami where it created the world’s first AR painting to be minted into an NFT, aboard a VIP yacht. In a bid to make impact outside the blockchain world and to also ameliorate the “hanger” of 30 from the world’s last remaining 800 Sumatra elephants living in Bali with the Mason family who rescued them from the devastation of deforestation 25 years ago, the net proceeds from the NFT auction was dedicated to care for these Hangry Elephants.

Hangry Animals is relentlessly determined to further identify opportunities that can add value to the Hangry Animals ecosystem. The project recently announced a partnership with Epik Prime, a global leader in connecting brands with video games, apps, and VR/AR. With an access to a network of over 1 billion users, it is believed that this partnership will directly promote the future integration of the Hangry Animals intellectual property into gaming platforms and NFT utility services.

I can sense that you are already getting anxious to learn more about this unique project. I am equally eager, “hangry” and getting impatient myself. Without any further hesitation, I invite you to join me as I dive into the Hangryverse.

1.The Hangryverse: Meet Hangry Animals


Hangry Animals are excellent piece of NFTs that aim to pave the way for new innovation in digital rights and managements. It is a multimedia franchise created by Welsh artist, Andrew Minton and Coinburn. The project which started as a joke between two friends, has grown in scope, design and application.

Hangry animals has metamorphosed into a NFT Generative metaverse, popularly called HangryVerse. In the HangryVerse, users will be able mint their Hangry Animals NFTs which capture the imbalance tensions of city life of our modern times. The HangryVerse will operate as a digital meta-space which will combine gritty humor with street art digital generation, artificial intelligence and extended reality in HangryWood (an extended reality Hollywood entertainment).

  1. The Hangrys


Hangrys or Hangry Animals comprises a collection of 11,111 generative art pieces. You will be able to fight for survival, eat everything in sight and trade to upgrade your hangry with more powers. In addition, users will also be able to collect, trade, upgrade and enjoy the search for the origin of the species! The game is designed with various gameplay situations that are intended to get you hangry.

Hangry Animals will be available for minting on OpenSea on the Ethereum blockchain. The various NFTs that can be obtained are categorized under 5 distinct base layers and characters. Each of these Animals species will be further sub-divided into varying levels of rarity. The 5 base characters are:











These 5 different base-layers ensure that the HangryVerse contains the most diversified set of Generative NFT character Art to date. Users can collect any of the 5 species and add them to their animal collections. Holding a minimum of 5 NFTs will bring special utilities to the ecosystem. These benefits may include unlocking VIP access, staking reward multipliers, NFT drops and many more.

I decided to focus my curious lenses deeper into these Hangry Characters. It was amazing for me to discover that apart from these 5 base characters, Hangry animals will have additional NFT characters that will be released as the game progresses. I was able to unveil the names of 3 of these characters and they are “Leon Strom”, “Lorac Queen of Shillarki” and “Navi Metavertz Shamen”. These are hangry but exciting names. From the names origin, I can tell that users are in for a tremendous experience by the time these characters are released.

2. HangryNomics and Hangry Utilities

In the previous sections, we looked at the 5 species of Hangrys which are further divided into different levels of rarity. In this section, we will be looking at the distribution of each NFT level and their utilities.


Hangry Animals will exist in different rarities which are Hangry Rare, Ultra Rare, Super Rare, Rare, Collectors and classics. The rarest of them all are the Hangry Rare followed by Ultra Rare and Super rare. Only one Hangry Rare will be decided for each species collection. A maximum of 15 Diamond Hangry NFTs will be minted in the Ultra rare category while 25 Platinum Hangry Animals (5 per species) will be minted at the Super Rare level. The next level of rarity is the Rare NFTs and it consists of the 125 Gold Hangry Animals (25 minted per species) while a total of 1,500 Movie Themed Hangry Animals will be available as collectors. The remaining NFTs will form the bulk of Hangry Animals in the classic category.

Hangry Animals NFTs are not meant to be boring digital furniture that sits idle in users wallets. They are digital assets that are packed with numerous utilities. Some of these utilities are:

  • Voting rights for direction & storyline of the movie.
  • Staking rewards to earn native tokens.
  • VIP Access to future Hangry Events
  • Tickets to premiere of the Hangry Animals Movie.
  • Access to digital comic series with hidden rewards.
  • HANGRY STARS — Through an awards or lottery based system, a user can have their Hangry stars featured in the digital comic series
  • Play to earn game access.
  • VIP area to discuss drops of future giveaway content.
  • Upgrades of future utility by holding 5 or more Hangry Animals


In addition to the ability to mint NFTs from secondary marketplace such as opeansea, Hangry Animals has plans to create the possibility for users to be able to exchange their NFTs. This will be done through a Hangry Animal swap, known as HangrySwap. HangrySWap will serve as native exchange for the trading of Hangrys post launch.

4.Metaverse and Augmented Reality Movie Experience


The Hangry Animal team is developing new ways to bring metaverse and Augmented reality experience to users. This will be made possible with the launch of an interesting Augmented Reality Hangry Animals Movie, “The Ham”. The Hangry Animal movies will usher in a new wave of movie projects with an innovative dimension to metaverse application. It will feature live animations and cinematic rendering using expertly applied Unreal Engine Solutions and other relevant technologies.

Users can own a Hangry Animal NFT by purchasing or minting them directly from secondary marketplace. The NFTs give collectors exclusive access to the Angry Animals movie voiced by celebrity recording artists, screenings, and other events as well as premium merchandise.

All of the 11,111 Hangry Animals will be up for Audition in this movie. This implies that as an owner of Hangry Animal, your Hangry Animal may be chosen to perform character role in the Hangry Animals Movie if it can successfully scale through the selection and audition process.

Hangry Animal Moviecan generate movie related revenues. Proceeds from movie generated revenue are expected to be used for buying utility coins and burning the supply of this utility coin. This will ensure that regular NFT and utility coin holders can benefit from the two-fold impact of added liquidity and a deflating coin supply.

5.Hangry Animal College

You are not the only one that is privileged to go to the college; Hangry Animals will also have their own college. Interesting! Isn’t it? Not every Hangry Animals will be ratified for admission onto the Hangry Stars walk of Fame. The Hangry Animal College will act as a developing ground where Hangrys will acquire what it takes to make it into the “HangryWood”.

Since Hangry Animals will have to scale audition hurdle, it is necessary for them to be well prepared. This acting school will provide a gamified learning environment where Hangry Animals can be enrolled, tutored and trained to become an actor. It will feature learning series that will enable Hangry Animals to become upgraded and qualified to take up roles in the Hangry Animals Movies.

There will be different attributes of Hangry Animals that can be trained for improvement depending on the role they want to take up. The Hangry Animal Utility Coin, which is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2022 will play a major role in the college. It will be needed to pay fees and other expenses that may be incurred during the learning duration.

The Hangry Animal College concept is a truly novel idea that will add more feathers to the already decorated cap of Hangry Animals when released.

6.Hangry Roadmap

A look into Hangry Animals Roadmap revealed that Hangry Animals team has planned lots of exciting features for users. The roadmap started in Q4/2021, specifically in November 2021. It has several captivating ecosystem features that are impatiently waiting for release since most of them are scheduled for public access this year (2022). One of such upcoming event which I am personally looking up to is the launch of Hangry Animal Utility Coin.


n Hangry Animals, there is a saying that “Hangry Animal developers and creators get very hangry if they are not working on something”. I discovered that the team is constantly exploring ways of adding more functions to their already feature-packed roadmap. Several beneficial projects iterations are currently being worked on and I wouldn’t be “hangry” or surprised if the team adjust the present roadmap to accommodate additional protocol features once they are perfected.

7.Hangry Team

The Hangry Team consists of experts in blockchain development, live animations, movie and entertainment industry. Listed below are some member of the Hangry Team:

Marvin the Minter — Chief Hangry Officer:
20 Years experience In Branding/2D & 3D Animation & Motion Graphics.

4 Years Crypto Development.

Danish Ali — Hangry Development Team:
IT Development & Management

Hangry Bear — Chief Brand Officer:

30 years Marketing Experience, 7 Years Crypto Development

Hangry Mouse — Chief Marketing Officer:
Crypto Community Management

Lava Pancakes — Marketing Firm: Crypto Marketing Focused


Hangry Animals is a metaverse blockchain project that is poised to bridge the gap between traditional movies industry and meterverse movie performance. The project has the ability to deliver an entertaining experience for users through the execution of well-coordinated movie and digital art attributes, that will be powered by blockchain technology. Considering the multi-dimensional utilities of Hangry Animals NFTs, the incoming launch of a utility token and other scheduled product releases, Hangry Animals can become a go-to ecosystem for blockchain investors who are “hangry” and looking for an alternative investment platforms that combine entertainment, financial opportunities and gamified experience all in one place.

  1. Social Channels

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Hangry Animals’ GitHub


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