DxSale x Satoshi CLUB AMA Session 22 March 2021

PART 1. Introduction of DxSale project and community questions.

Hello, Satoshi clubbers and guests of this site. We are happy to present you with a project that has a vision is to provide the best user experience within the token lifecycle across popular blockchains.

DxSale.network is building a true decentralized, blockchain agnostic user experience of the token journey.

The plan of AMA session:

  1. Part — Introduction and preselected questions.
  2. Part — Live questions
  3. The Quiz about DxSale

The reward pool is 500$

Leading the AMA our clever and fun admins:

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club — @GoldRocket27

Andrés M. | Satoshi Club — @AndresM77

The Representative of the project:

Hash | dxsale.app — @DxSale_Hash

Introduction of DxSale project.


Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Good evening, dear community!

We conclude our today’s exciting ama marathon series with dxsale.

Today our guest is @dxsale_hash!

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

It has been a great day for our group, we are near to 50k members

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Welcome to satoshi club!

Hash | dxsale.app:

Thanks for having me

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

How are you?

Hash | dxsale.app:

I’m doing really good, excited for this one as its been on my radar for a while

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

You have a great sense of humor

we are delighted to welcome you here today

Hash | dxsale.app:

Thanks again @goldrocket27

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

We as well are excited to know more details about you and about dxsale

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Make a small intro about yourself and the project

Hash | dxsale.app:

Sure hey, y’all I’m hash — I’m a 1/5 co-founder for dxsale. I”m not a developer and my background is in years of delivering technical projects.

I work as a TPM (technical program manager) as my day job and at the night I wear my cape and become hash.

Now let me tell you about dxsale

Hash | dxsale.app:

Dxsale did our presale in Aug 2020 and our vision is pretty much the same as it is today — to build a venture capital standard in the crypto economy.

If anyone wants to be involved in the cryptocurrency world — the ticket into this world is through a token. Hence our strategy to make our vision a reality is to build services that resonate with our vision. Currently one of these services that are living and working on our applications are dxstake, dxlaunch and dxlock.

Our dapp is accessible at dxsale.app — we are currently integrated on eth, BSC and Matic.

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Which were the results of the pre-sale?

Gold rocket | satoshi club:


Hash | dxsale.app:

On top of my head, we were looking to raise 1000 eth but ended up raising half that. Here’s an old medium article on the summary

1) presale completed — https://hash-dxsale.medium.com/dx-sale-pre-sale-completed-ceae5c97ece0

2) final burn & supply — https://hash-dxsale.medium.com/dxsale-burning-final-supply-966cdfb570e0

Btw — our website is going through UI overhaul so the best way to learn about our project and progress is through our medium page


Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Thank you very much for sharing! And for a great intro! If you’re ready we can go to community questions

Hash | dxsale.app:

Let’s do it.

Preselected questions about the DxSale DeFi project.


Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Q1 from telegram user @brainchest

What tools do you offer to make correct decisions when investing in a project. And why are they called for angel investors? Do you divide investors into groups? If yes, can you explain in more detail, if I have $ 1000, in what group will I be and will I be able to use these tools?

Hash | dxsale.app:

So we are a true decentralized open launchpad — what does this mean?

you don’t require any sale token to create a presale

you don’t require any sale token to participate in a presale

no angel investors, private group-buying early and dumping on retail

How we protect users currently

our DAO ensures that all presales automatically list on either uniswap, Pancakeswap or quickswap (based on where they are creating their presale) and automatically lock

on our platform so that investors are protected from the most common type of rug pulls (scammers not adding liquidity).

— → now this solves 90% of scenarios. Token creators can still bring custom tokens with mint and other functions for rugging — so it’s up to the community to band together and do better research. Our job at dxsale is to bring tools to the launchpad that helps users make better decisions on each project listed.

How are we protecting users in the future?

decentralized voting

decentralized vetting

linters and marketing accessibility

So no angel investors, no division of groups, no tiered system. Our model is different from other IDO platforms. Come on come all — no barriers to create and participate. We will deal with the problems that come with it and improve the platform

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

My personal question, what is your real identity?

Hash | dxsale.app:

You wanna know my secret identity?


Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Sounds good

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Thank you, my friend, I think this is a clear answer that affords all the details of the question, we can proceed with the next question if you want

Satoshi Nakamoto?

Hash | dxsale.app:

Yes, we are good to go. We are all satoshi.

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Good point

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Crypto super heroes of our time

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Let’s go

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Q2 from telegram user @belkysgonzalez

You extended your services to the Binance smart chain, becoming the first truly decentralized locker and launchpad on BSCas you mention. But there are other launchpad projects on BSC, so how does dxsale stand out? What do you do differently that makes it a truly decentralized platform?

Hash | dxsale.app:

– no tiered system, 0 sales required, no barriers to start or participate in the sale.

– lowest fee in the market

– automatic listing and liquidity providing to pcs through a smart contract

– our secret sauce will be the community that is growing every day that will triumph it all — we just have to keep listening to them and building

No tiered system, 0 sale required, no barriers to start or participate in sale.

– lowest fee in the ma =====> this is the reason crypto got safemoon

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Yes, that is the item that drives the adoption

Low fees attract more interested users

Hash | dxsale.app:

Def but I think what has set us apart is just flipping the famous IDO model that everyone is employing. Tiered, private investors, vetting and doxxing then launching. That’s not decentralization by any means

Yet it’s being called IDOs

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Tell us please, what other blockchains are you planning to integrate? Have I heard of matic?


Hash | dxsale.app:

We launched Matic already — we will be doing some amas with them as well, they are busy working on something as well. Currently, you can create any presale on Matic and launch on quick-swap

So it’s free real estate for someone to create the next safemoon on Matic.

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

How do you prevent that from happening? I mean stay decentralized and not just from private investors

Hash | dxsale.app:

Documentation for connection to matic — https://docs.dxsale.network/matic-polygon-tutorial/1-adding-matic-to-metamask

Video tutorials for creating and participating in a presale using our platform — https://docs.dxsale.network/video-tutorials-for-using-the-platform

Currently, we don’t have any otc, whitelisting functions in our platform but we are looking for ways how we can enable that. The main point is that a platform shouldn’t be picking who gets private access

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Great work my friend, I would like to ask you about the audit.

Hash | dxsale.app:

Yes sirr

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Are you in the process to audit the platform? Or have you done?

Hash | dxsale.app:

We are in chats with an auditor and are in the process of making the audit. This org will also be partnering and advising me on our attempt to build out a decentralized audit system for the platform as awell.

If we are successful in creating this system it will become part of the dxsuite and anyone can use it

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

This is actually a great solution.

Hash | dxsale.app:

I’m not rushing it — do it first, do it right approach with the audit stuff.

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Thanks for the info, it’s an important topic

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Thank you very much for the answer! Ready for the next question?

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Q3 from telegram user @yellowchamp

Dxlaunchpad and locker are already live in polygon (previously Matic) and you are working also on zil integration and BSC bridge. So why there is a need of integrating more chains for your platform? As time goes by, how will dxsale manage this integration? What will be the impacts that those integrations bring towards your network and why you will choose those chain as your collaboration? Thank you.

Hash | dxsale.app:

So why there is a need of integrating more chains for your platform?

— I like this one. Going back to the “vision” of building a VC of crypto. You need to ensure that users coming in have a choice, the cryptocurrency industry isn’t just one chain, it’s many. The goal I’ve set for my team and i are 8–10 integrations on dxsale. I believe, like many, the crypto scene is just entering its next phase of adoption on other chains. It’s like food, everyone has their favorites and one blockchain can’t partner with everyone in the world. Everyone will find their own partners and grow at their own speed.

How will dxsale manage this integration?

— we made the platform easy to integrate and scale with as our vision was very broad when starting out the project in aug 2020 — when you change a network, everything on the UI side changes to accompany that network. We will be evolving the UX as we slow down our building process in the year.

— what will be the impacts that those integrations bring towards your network and why you will choose those chains as your collaboration?

The impact may not be positive today, or tomorrow but the impact will come, every blockchain will have its “Binance” moment, the purpose of dxsale is to provide the infrastructure that will help grow out the token ecosystem at a very high rate.

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Thank you for the detailerd answer. Talking about your token ecosystem could you tell us more about your tokenomics? How is it distribuited?

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Great goal! And excellent answer. By the way, since you mentioned the team. Tell us a bit. How many people and what functions do they perform? Why did you choose to remain anonymous superheroes?

Hash | dxsale.app:

Erc-20 utility token currently, will be making BEP-20 and ZIL-20 soon. Poly has a sidechain so no shifts there.

The purpose of sale token was for dxstake — staking.dxsale.network

Users who stake and stay in the ecosystem are provided rewards from the revenue generated from dxsale presales — this goes live on March 24th. All of the revenue that we’ve earned from safe moon and other projects will be shared with those who are staking sale on the platform.

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Great info for holders

Hash | dxsale.app:

We are a team of 5

4 — full stack engineers

Dennis/raph — handle the ui and web3 aspects

Dev/ken — handle the integration and blockchain side

These guys didn’t know much and have evolved and continue to evolve their understanding so i”m looking forward to our next dapps.

1 — the dude helping them out (me).

Each of us have different reason for anonymity — conflict of interest for work, privacy, don’t want to deal with legal/regulations aspects and just build good tech that brings value. We are slowly considering changing that. Sadly, being anon has limited us with very few choices on the marketing side as it only takes one bad anon team to make others look bad.

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

I understand your position! Thank you for the honest answer! Ready to jump to the next question?

Hash | dxsale.app:

Yes m’lady

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Q4 from telegram user @mihaipisica

On your social media channel, you make there a comparison between dxsale and another platform, saying that they made millions from their lockers on the eth blockchain and yet the devs still dumped their tokens and not only, also that made a second token because their devs were even more greedy. Being said that — regarding you, on March 24th, is dxsale airdropping a lump sum of all previous rewards for staking? Then after that, will airdrop for each project launches successfully?

Hash | dxsale.app:

I’m not sure if we ever said that or a member of the community did — so I can’t confirm or deny that

But in regards to the dxstake 1.5 upgrade — there will be an initial airdrop that is a lump sum of previous rewards and then it will be airdrop for each project launch.

There will also be a dxstake 2.0 that focuses on a better UX which will come later down the pipeline

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

I hope you don’t forget to invite satoshi clubbers.

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

How to join the airdrop?

Hash | dxsale.app:

Buy $sale tokens — go to staking.dxsale.network and stake.

There will be details sent out today about the specifics of the airdrop that will make it clear

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

In your tg group, right? Please provide links to our members to join

Hash | dxsale.app:

Tg: @dxsale

Twitter: twitter.com/dxsale

Medium will have it as well

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

We’ll be expecting for that announcement, thank you. Time to proceed with the 5th question

Gold rocket | satoshi club:


Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Q5 from telegram user @indomiekuy

Dxsale already makes collaboration with other projects but I just wonder why dxsale choose Zilliqa & Matic project as a partner? What is the benefit that they give to dxsale project? And do you have a plan to add a new partner in the future, if yes which project?

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Please tell us a bit about the partnerships that exist and that you have in your plans btw

Hash | dxsale.app:

Matic and Zilliqa were both welcoming of integration and guiding us to build a decentralized token system. We had lots of calls to demo our product and get their blessings of the value we will be bringing. Now that Matic/Polygon is live, we are working on introducing it to their communities to show them how easy it is to set things up

Future partnerships are currently on hold as I don’t want to commit to anything that I can’t deliver. I have some ideas of the chains I’d like to integrate to. But our focus right now is

BSC IDO to bring the sale to pcs

System optimizations on mobile, SSL, and loading times

Zil locker

Working closely with polygon and quick to get things going in that front.

Once these are done we will announce details of the next integrations

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

Perfect answer! Ready for the next question? By the way, it is the last of this part.

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

Thank you @dxsale_hash you provide excellent and clear questions

Q6 from telegram user @yiselen

I understand that they carried out a verification of their code because they presented failures in the presales with degenr that did not give way and called to exclude the contracts. What will the dxsale testing process look like after this through verification?

Our last question of this first part

Hash | dxsale.app:

So, we don’t do any verifications but the community does work together to sniff out bad contracts.

After the presale completion, the owner must call finalize for the auto listing and locking. If the owner doesn’t, we have the ability to cancel that function as a last resort to automatically refund the users

Hash | dxsale.app:

There have been many scenarios where many users are cloning safe moon but don’t have whitelisting or knowledge of other functions and because of that they are not able to call finalize

So the community of the project asks us to cancel the finalization and refund.

What we did in response to this is — add BSCtest network and asking everyone to test before deploy so there are no surprises on their front

Andrés m. | satoshi club:

@dxsale_hash thank you for all the info shared in this first part, we hope you still have superhero powers to answer the questions of the second part of the ama

Gold rocket | satoshi club:

@dxsale_hash thank you very much for the excellent and clear answers! If you are ready, then we can proceed to 2 part of AMA.

PART 2.Questions about the DxSale project from the live chat of the telegram community.

In this part, we open a chat for the crypto community for 120 seconds. Then the guests from the DxSale crypto project choose the top 10 questions. The 10 crypto enthusiasts have earned cryptocurrency in the sum of 100$.

Q — 1 from a telegram user @surendra040

For a newbie user do you have any guide or tutorial video on how to use it?

Hash | dxsale.app:



You can get step by step guide or youtube videos from there

Q — 2 from a telegram user @cryprince

Why did you name your project as DxSale? Does it have any meaning?

Hash | dxsale.app:

Dx was a fun way for us to say decentralization. I really don’t know why and when we got it.

Q — 3 from a telegram user @theprinceofnigeria

It’s the same bots asking questions over and over lol. Fkin jokes?

Hash | dxsale.app:

I agree — lets play a game DM me the answer to 7+2 and i’ll answer your question.

Q — 4 from a telegram user @smelekin

You are saying all procedures are operated by smart contracts so what happens if one of your smart contracts have vulnerable? How can you make sure that your smart contracts are safe?

Hash | dxsale.app:

Smart contracts will be audited. But Audit is no way of confirmation a system is secure. In cybersecurity 101 — No platform is secure, it’s only a matter of time vulnerabilities are found.

This is why you see projects that have been audited in the past become hacked. It’s an ongoing practice for good practice.

Q — 5 from a telegram user @K2ice

On the security aspect, do you think that the DxSALE platform is prone to cloning?

Hash | dxsale.app:

Currently, there are a project that is taking ideas ofc but in terms of actual cloning- none as everything is private until the audit is done.

Q — 6 from a telegram user @Jamesw19

Dxsale.network gets greater adoption and popularity whats to stop dx launchpad from being saturated with too many low quality applications(tokens)?

Hash | dxsale.app:

We can easily tackle this through different filters and what the community considers quality. We will be adding governance to DxSale where the community will decide these things.

Q — 7 from a telegram user @BJosefina61

Your roadmap talks about the release of DxLaunch 1.5, how does this differ from 1.0?

Hash | dxsale.app:

1.0 is a staking and unstacking platform with fees that are distributed to others along with burning.

Q — 8 from a telegram user @Guandog

As we know, NFTs are here to stay disrupting the entire crypto market, can you break down your opinion and vision about NFTs within the platform?

Hash | dxsale.app:

Yes, we have a lot of ambitious ideas around NFTs for our platform, haven’t seen anyone do it like the way we will be approaching the space yet.

Q — 9 from a telegram user @blockchainstake

Do you have liquidity mining program that we can earn there and what are the APY’s we can earn?

Hash | dxsale.app:

in the works with some partners for DxFarming might not be until a couple of quarters. right now there’s a lot we want to do.

Q -10 from a telegram user @dumpspump

You know there are many different blockchains so how many blockchains do you support on your ecosystem?

Hash | dxsale.app:

We currently support 3 — AIM is to support 8–10 then do a big UI overhaul update.
Supported — ZIL, POLY, ETH, BSC

Part 3 — Quiz about project


In the final part, we tested the knowledge in terms of the DxSale project. They’ve prepared 4 questions for this part, so everyone could be a part and answer. Participants had 10 minutes to answer. 300$ was distributed between the winners.

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