The gaming industry is an excellent market that is pregnant with many opportunities that can be explored. This dynamic industry has grown from the usual traditional stand-alone games and it’s often tedious development cycle into online games that offer better optimization of gameplay with better iterations of player’s feedback. However, online games are riddled with imperfections such as tampering with players data at will and insecurity of players gaming asset.

The need for a system that can replace the paper money economy resulted in revolutionary attempts that eventually brought in the web 3.0 economy and the wholly new concept of blockchain technology. This decentralized system has found applications in many facets of human endeavors including in game 3.0, a game upgrade that is based on GameFi Play-to-earn system. Initially when the play-to-earn lexicon debuted, it sounded like a strange gaming concept that might take a while before users will get used to it. However, within a short space, P2E ideas have spread in popularity and many play-to-earn game models have emerged.

The rise of GameFi and NFTs brought in the metaverse concept. Despite this, the current play-to-earn model lacks a fully-formed metaverse game ecosystem that can superbly support or connect numerous games platform together especially across multiple blockchain network. Most of the present game lack fun elements, unsustainable economic mechanism and they are plagued by high standard entry barriers.

Since an interoperable metaverse game ecosystem that is accommodative of GameFi and NFTs projects on many platform and many chains is essential to unlock the full potential of an ideal metaverse, it is therefore imperative to have a next generation metaverse game ecosystem that has the ability to bridge the huge gap between individual and metaverse. This is where Dehorizon comes into play.

The project is on a mission to create an endlessly fun-based metaverse that can afford players unlimited ability to create, play, socialize, gamify and realize their imaginations using interconnection of NFTs across the chain. This review focuses on DeHorizon, a project that is uncompromisingly dedicated to become that “oasis”, which players can use to close the gap between human and metaverse while enjoying immersive gameplay.

  1. Let’s Meet DeHorizon


DeHorizon is a metaverse game ecosystem, where players can co-create, socialize, entertain and even earn with peers. It is a community-driven ecosystem that has a long-term vision of becoming a virtual carnival-like Disneyland in the metaverse, which will be opened to inhabitants across multiple chains.

Apart from this, the game hopes to serve as a playground where people can enjoy a second life. DeHorizon ensures that players can bring NFT characters from other metaverse games and play in DeHorizon together. As a next generation of metaverse game ecosystems, DeHorizon enables players to create, socialize and enjoy blockchain-based games with their friends.

To fully actualize its objectives, DeHorizon metaverse approach is split into two versions: DeHorizon metaverse 1.0 and DeHorizon Metaverse 2.0

2. DeHorizon Metaverse 1.0

DeHorizon metaverse 1.0 is predicated on the premise and attributes of a real metaverse which are interoperability, openness, and sustainable community autonomy. Its essence is to provide premium user experience that is captured by attractive GameFi design. DeHorizon metaverse has an ambitious and enormous undertaking and is already working to establish world-famous IP collaborations and other alliances, which will ensure that the game will serve players in a “play for fun and to earn” mechanism

3. Play for Fun and to Earn

DeHorizon Metaverse and its games will not just be a boring play to earn game that kills the entertainment part of gaming. All DeHorizon games will be based on an entertaining concept of “play for fun and to earn”.


DeHorizon “Play for Fun and to Earn” game approach creates an interplay of fun and ease of play, independent of pure aesthetics and a sustainable economic mechanism. This fun addition to the play-to-earn concept will help to keep old players glued to the game while at the same time securing the interest of new players including tradition fun-seeking gamers.

Players will have numerous maps to explore and there are social elements deployed continuously throughout the game. With the incorporation of valuable NFT utilities alongside an innovative player incentive programs, DeHorizon has been able to maximize playability with ease of access, thereby removing some of the common impeding barriers to entry to blockchain gaming .

Currently, DeHorizon games include DeVerse, DeTournament, DeMythical, and many more are under development.

DeVerse — It is the flagship game in DeHorizon metaverse. This team battle game is based on the storyline of the war that broke out in the “City of Dawn” between the Akademia and Shaharism. Players will need to battle for sustained victory in order for them to be able to occupy the “City of Dawn”.


Deverse was designed to tackle the lack of truly entertaining play and an organic economic mechanism that support a long-term sustainable model which has characterized many projects in the already saturated play-to-earn (P2E) market. As an MMO&RPG gaming product, DeVerse has the ability to make players play for fun and earn in its immersive battlefield, including team-battle gameplay, NFT collection, and much more.


Deverse currently has five in-game characters named Numen and two unique battlefields in DeVerse for players to get ready for the battle. Players can begin the game by choosing a Numen from the various options: Alchemist, Adventurer, Warrior, Rogue, and Ranger. Team victory is achieved when anyone gets 10k points. If this does not happen before the end of the eight minutes when the battle ends, the team with the most points wins.

A certain amount of DVTs will be withheld (but won’t be ducted until battle begins) as an entry fee to create or join a Room. However, huge rewards are in store for the strongest fighters.

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DeTournament — DeTournament is a Battle Royale game that allows players to battle either alone or with friends in an “extreme outer space”. The goal of players in DeTournament is to be the last man standing. Players will be able to explore massive map laced with unknown treasures and traps, and they will be required to survive in an ensuing deathmatch. The game is yet to be released but the excitement it promises is already making players anxious for its release.

DeMythical — DeMythical is a fantasy sports game involving dragon-racing. It is a fantasy-plus racing game with a lot of fun. In this arena game, players will strive to score more points than the other by scoring goals and catching magic balls.

The game, which is similar to Quidditch game in Harry Porter, allows players to set up their own teams, ride their own dragons and shoot down their opponents own. The game ends when the magic ball is captured or when there is only one player that remains on the field. The winners take away the huge prize reward.

4. DeHorizon Metaverse 2.0

While DeHorizon metaverse 1.0 makes “play for fun and to earn” a reality, DeHorizon metaverse 2.0 will ensure a sustainable GameFi ecosystem that priorities autonomy and co-creation, thereby actualizing the longer-term vision of the DeHorizon metaverse which is to create a virtual carnival open to all metaverse inhabitants across multiple blockchains.

DeHorizon metaverse 2.0 is expected to connect users experiences through great gameplay and formation of deep social connections, within an immersive virtual environment. This will pave the way for more socialized scenes and the ability to participate in the creation of storyline, collective building of the metaverse, and the incorporation of other SocialFi elements.

5. DeMeta — The Ideal NFT

NFTs play a crucial role in blockchain games and their utility is indispensable in the metaverse. They have been perfectly used to represent digital ownership, thereby asserting digital ownership status and opening up new dimensions of possibilities.

DeHotizon has always held the opinion that NFTs should not just be a static JPG monument as unchangeable NFTs cannot fully fulfill player’s vision in a dynamic metaverse. This was what led DeHorizon to release the first ever Interoperable, editable and evolvable special sets of NFTs ERC-721 known as DeMeta. This NFT innovation has helped DeHorizon Metaverse to deliver digital property rights to the world’s game players and internet users.


As the first Interoperable, Editable and Evolvable ERC-721 NFT, DeMeta is composed of 6 replaceable attributes and a character profile stored on-chain within 256 bytes customized by players themselves.

The general attributes of DeMeta are as follows

  • Each attribute in DeMeta is an NFT.
  • 6 replaceable attributes are randomly generated, composed of 3 character figures and 3 gears.
  • Much more replaceable attributes will be acquired in DeVerse and rotated in players DeMeta.
  • All the replaceable attributes can be individually traded in the future.
  • Players can customize their character profile to show their aspiration in the DeHorizon Metaverse. The character profile can be reset with the cost of GAS.
  • All the previous owners and profiles will be stored on-chain for review.

This looks quite amazing and I think that the fact that I can have an NFT that can be used to represent and evolve my attributes is quite unique.

6. DeHorizon Tokenomics

To ensure a hitch-free financial activity in the metaverse, DeHorizon has DEVT as its native token and other in-game tokens to facilitate transaction activities within the game. The goal of the dual token economy is to maintain a sustainable economic loop as much as possible.


DEVT is an ERC-20 token and has a total supply of 300 million. The largest allocation of this token (30%) has been allocated to the platform which will be used to promote the development of DeHorizon metaverse.

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There are also in-game currencies such as DVT (DeVerse Token ), DTT (DeTournament Token), and DMT (DeMythical Token), that are used to pay for various in-game items for each of the games that are planned to be released later. By purchasing these in-game tokens, players can acquire in-game assets such as characters, land, equipment, and more. The initial supply amount of DVT/DTT/DMT is 1,000,000,000 but the overall supply is tied to the growth of the games user base and the unlocked gameplay.

7. DeHorizon DAO

To ensure that DeHorizon can grow in its quest to create a user-centric and flourishing ecosystem that can autonomously promote the development of creator economy, DeHorizon has put in place a reliable DAO structure that is made up of DeVoice and DeGuardian. This is to ensure that the voice of every members are heard while at the same time paving the way for valuable opinions from industry pioneers to guard the DAO.

DeVoice comprises of general members who stake a certain amount of DEVT as a representation of their commitment. Apart from the possibility for their voices to be heard by participating in DAO, users who stake DEVT can enjoy lower transaction fees, get whitelist opportunity for exclusive NFT sale and can become a beneficiary of airdrop from the 2% of platform incomes redistribution. I call this Governance with benefits.

DeGuardian consists of experienced investors who will use their industrial wealth experience to keep the DAO on the right track in order to maintain the project’s relevance. The 8 member guardians is made up of 4 DeHorizon foundation members while the election of the first round of guardians resulted in Binance Labs, Griffing Gaming, Dragonfly Capital and Sfermion capturing the remaining 4 spots. Apart from bringing in their wealth of knowledge to ensure this project will always succeed and staking a minimum of 500,000 DEVT, DeGuardians will also be responsible for:

  • The joint growth and promotion of DeHorizon Foundation
  • The review and vote on major community proposals
  • Participating in managing DeHorizon Treasury and further funding allocations
  • Supervise on general operation and development of DeHorizon metaverse
  • Scale up the network of DeHorizon metaverse


This level of organized and long term DAO commitment is as a testament of real and positive vision that can sustainably drive this projects to the path of greatness and ensure that it can continue to remain on that path.

8. Closing thoughts

DeHorizon is building a unique metaverse gaming space using innovative approaches that is disrupting the expansive and ever-evolving gaming space. Despite the fundamental shift from the centralized entertainment games and its limitation, DeHorizon is poised to continue to make waves within the gaming industry due to its collaborative, decentralized and democratized platform which has found a way to replicate real game excitement while enhancing playability using a fun-focused game and incentivization structure.

For users who are desirous of a blockchain game that is appealing, spiced with social elements and socialized scenes, interoperable, open, and has an organic economic mechanism to support a long-term sustainable model, DeHorizon metaverse ecosystem is designed for this purpose and can serve as a perfect fit. In addition, the potential to inhabit metaverse across multiple chains will let players enjoy a second life, reap the full benefits of immersive gameplay and enjoy a financial and profitable monetization of their investments.

9. DeHorizon’s Social Channels

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