Business Age of Empires

There is a silent rumor going around that robots will rule humans one day. It’s all over TikTok and other social platforms. Many people believe that the more we get AIs and robots involved in our affairs, the more power we give them, and we might just regret it in the future.

Cyborgs, unlike robots, share a deeper connection with real humans. These dudes are us, only that they possess some metals and wires. So think about it guys, if robots are speculated to rule humans some decades from now, what about Cyborgs? These entities are stronger, fiercer, and to an extent more efficient than humans.

Have you ever paused to think about how strong Cyborgs are? Just close your eyes and picture that you could be a robot for one full day; what would you do?

Going on an adventure in your new borg body doesn’t sound like a bad idea. You could bend trees perhaps, jump on mountains by just pressing a button, maybe spit fire and ice, and the fun part, discover treasures.

We believe that nothing is impossible if you truly desire it. Even if it doesn’t work out in this universe, there is a high chance you can live your dream in the Metaverse. If you believe it, you can be a Cyborg for as long as you want. Luckily, we know a top-tier video gaming and NFT project that can help you make your cyborg dreams a reality. This project is called Business Age of Empires, or BAoE for short.

Even if you’re unenthusiastic about becoming one of Metaverse’s most powerful Cyborgs, we encourage you to read on; you might just love it in the end.

Business Age of Empires


Business Age of Empires is a play-to-earn game that might keep you glued to your screen for hours. If you are looking for a game that will yank out the adventurer in you, then you’ve

probably found what you have been looking for — BAoE. Business Age of Empires has simple yet enticing gameplay that is suitable for all ages, and it also requires players to make decisions creatively in an attempt to discover a variety of priceless gems.

In the Business Age of Empires, players will participate as cyborgs, embark on an adventure to find legendary treasures, and learn more about humanity’s once-famous civilizations. Sounds like fun right? What’s even more fun is that you get to earn rewards while enjoying the gaming experience.

BAoE focuses on gameplay while maintaining the easy points in game mode to keep up with the trend. Players will learn to play the game based on logic and skills to make money instead of taking the easy and not so rewarding “click to earn” route. The BAoE team also pays keen attention to its game visuals and will update it continues to improve players’ experience. Newbies needn’t be scared of getting overshadowed; the game has a standard ROI mechanism that ensures fairness between oldies and newbies.

BAoE is an NFT game that aims to create a new generation game concept that combines blockchain and the world of NFT-based gaming. The NFT game projects are truly revolutionizing the gaming industry today by encrypting in-game objects with blockchain technology. BAoE will

not be left behind and is taking significant steps to join the trend and emerge as a titan in the NFT gaming industry.

Binance Smart Chain technology (BSC/BEP20) is used to build the game’s platform. In-game objects are encrypted in NFT format to allow for P2P peer-to-peer transactions and to support the Play to Earn (P2E) system.

The objective of this awe-inspiring gaming project is to build a world-class NFT ecosystem on the blockchain that will provide long-term benefits to users and investors. By bringing digital collections, digital scarcity, and non-fungible tokens to practical implementation in the video game world, the BAoE team hopes to reinvent the blockchain world in terms of technology.

BAoE is much more than a cyborg adventure NFT play-to-earn game; its long-term goal is to create a sustainable community where players can robustly develop their patterns of thinking and skills.

Competitive Advantages


The NFT gaming industry is an intense one as more and more products are being built. Each creator desires to dominate the space and become the giant of the NFT space, hence there is serious competition between gaming projects. In this sort of competitive space, it is smart to have some advantages over your competitors. BAoE has listed three main advantages it has over its competitors, they are:

● Long-term vision and road map.

● 20% of the profit from the game will be divided among investors.

● Advisors and BOD have experience in finance and blockchain.

Game Story


Cast in the year 3002, gold and gem assets become popular after a man accidentally finds a lump of gold in a riverbed. As a consequence of this news, people all around the world rushed to explore the underground in just about every part of the world in the hopes of discovering a life-changing opportunity.

The central characters of the game are aware of these trends and start their exploration. Traveling to 5 different lands, each of which is famous not only for its wealth and commodities but also for its dangers. To succeed in this quest for treasure, the player must use innovative tools and machinery to maximize efficiency when mining on certain terrains. It is a competition of who can garner the most resources. The chief protagonist (the player) works hard to get the most treasures in the bag in the hopes of one-day transforming people’s lives.

Meet the Brains Behind Business Age of Empires

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The Business Age of Empires’ primary token is called BAoE, and it is identified by the symbol $BAoE. The maximum supply of the BAoE token is 1,000,000,000 (one billion). $BAoE is exclusively utilized for staking and NFT game. With this token, investors can select a project or stake package to start investing. This token also allows enthusiastic players to play any games of Business Age of Empires. You must see with us that this is some weighty token. It literally holds the key to participating in any of Business Age of Empires activities.

Here is the $BAoE token allocation table




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BAoE’s Official Telegram Channel

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BAoE’s Announcement Telegram Channel

Looking for the big announcements about the Business Age of Empires on Telegram? You’ll find them on the announcement telegram channel.

BAoE’s Twitter Community

Business Age of Empires’s Twitter platform is always bustling with great information you can find useful. You can learn more about the project by joining the Twitter community.

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BAoE’s Discord Community

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BAoE’s Medium Page

Want to read more and more articles about Business Age of Empires and its amazing features. Visit their Medium page.

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