Alien Worlds x SatoshiClub AMA from 3 December

If you want to meet aliens, then you are in the right place and today Satoshi Club will tell you how and where to do it. Today we would like to tell you about the AMA session with our friends from Alien Worlds. The AMA took place on December 3 and our guests were Saro, Rob Allen and Michael Yeates.

The total reward pool was 4700$ and has been splitted in 3 parts. The reward pool consisted of Land packs, Trilium tokens, 60 Standard packs, 40 Rare packs, and 100 Promo Packs

In this AMA Recap we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram&Bitcointalk community

GoldRocket: Good evening dear Satoshi clubbers! We are starting our today’s AMA with Alien Worlds. Our guests today are @michaelyeates, @Lifex10, @saromckenna.

D. | Satoshi Club: hey Satoshi club!

Saro Hey Satoshi Club! We’re thrilled to be on here

GoldRocket: Welcome to Satoshi Club, @michaelyeates, @Lifex10, @saromckenna!

Rob Allen : Hi, Thanks for having us

D. | Satoshi Club: @michaelyeates @Lifex10 @saromckenna welcome guys!

Michael Yeates: hi

GoldRocket: To be begin with, please tell us a few words about yourselves and how did you get to be involved in Alien Worlds.

Michael Yeates: we have been working as a team through eosdac and since then have branched out to be block producers on the wax blockchain. we have been working on dao software for years and looked for something to bring that over to a gaming / nft chain. personally i have been working in blockchain since 2017 and have been a developer working in ecommerce for much longer. alien worlds is a great way for us to bring all our tellents and experience together into one ambitious project

Saro We’ve been working together as a team for years, within eosDAC (block producer) and other projects. I got involved in crypto coming from a background in corporate finance (M&A) and wanting to contribute to systems that weren’t so stacked against the little guy. Really happy to working to build decentralised communities.
Alien Worlds: we saw how naturally the DACs/DAOs we’d been building could allow communities to allocate rewards — how naturally that fits in with defi. And also how NFTs can be used rather than just collected. And so Alien Worlds as a DAO/defi/NFT project began to grow

Rob Allen : Hi, I’ve been a technologist for over 25 years and been focused on Crypto particularly for the last 3 and NFTs for the last 18 months — Alien worlds was just the most interesting concept that we couyld come up with and we think it is compelling,

D. | Satoshi Club: 2017 what a year is was…awesome year to start crypto project:smile:

Saro pretty good now too

Michael Yeates: yeah it was a lot of fun, it is still a great industry to work in

Rob Allen : When you start seeing the potential it’s hard to look back

GoldRocket: Amazing experience!

Saro we’ve definitely been at the coalface of DACs/DAOs and that’s helped inform what we’re doing now — what works/doesn’t

D. | Satoshi Club: interesting..very excited to know how we can use NFTs in Alien Worlds

Saro we’d love to get into that today

Q1 from Telegram user @Nagy_szabo

Your team previously worked on a successful project on EOS and reached a pretty big marketcap. Why you decided to build a new project but didn’t decide to renew, update and refresh the previous one?

Rob Allen : eosDAC has produced some excellent software which is actually going to be used by the Planetary DAOs in Alien Worlds — it’s a great use case and will probably breath new life into the eosDAC development.

Saro eosDAC is still a large and successful DAC as a block producer on multiple chains and we are all still actively involved in eosDAC as elected custodians. This team really loved the gamified DAO element which whilst a continuation of all our experience within DAOs, is also a distinct project, hence Alien Worlds. We airdropped onto eosDAC tokenholders as a tribute to them and many are getting involved. Both are long term projects.

Rob Allen : We even did a sale just for eosDAC holders

Saro Yeah, we have accepted EOSDAC tokens as payment so we hope that can contribute to eosDAC’s tokenomics too

Michael Yeates: we all continue to work for eosdac, i see that as the underpinnings of this project. one of the goals for eosdac was to enable dac/os and alien worlds is a great demonstration of the technology that we have built. sometimes it can be difficult to show people what it is like to run a dao because so few exist and alien worlds empowers many more people to see how things can work with our vision

Saro eosDAC is a true DAC so all decisions aren’t up to us, but we still invest energy there

D. | Satoshi Club: thanks for answers guys! by the way i know you are running another sale right now? is that true? can you share details?

Saro Yeah we have pre-orders open now at — preorders to let you bid in advance for the live Dutch auction which starts tomorrow at 1300 UTC. To participate you need a WAX wallet from It’s to buy Land, which our NFT which allows you to earn passively when other people mine your land

Rob Allen : Lots of info around — this is a great starting place —

Saro We’ve run 3 auctions so far this autumn for different packs of NFTs, but land has never been available until now

D. | Satoshi Club: why that? what is special about land?:blush:

Saro Land is the only yielding NFT in the sense that when other people mine on your land, you get a commission. For all our other NFTs, the owner themselves uses them, whereas land is automatically rentable for a commission.
Additionally, in the roadmap landowners can add value to their land by terraforming it — meaning they get more payouts. The payouts are in Trilium, our ERC-20 fungible token.

Rob Allen : Land gives you passive income through a slow release mechanism, it will also be used for mining and shopfronts / services. It really is one of the cornerstones of the whole model.

Saro So we have two cryptocurrency pillars to the project: the fungible token Trilium, and the NFTs. And within NFTs, only land yields you TLM passively
Additionally, as you can see on the roadmap, only landowners later on will be able to use their ‘Window’ into the metaverse to showcase their own businesses and also offer Services like Hospitals, to ‘heal’ NFTs injured in battle. This all happens through Land

Rob Allen : We have high burn targets for the TLM to keep supply in check.

D. | Satoshi Club: got it! so like in real life — if you own some land is very profitable for you

Michael Yeates: i like to think of alien worlds as a real world simulation of what would happen if we organised using daos

Rob Allen : Potentially — I like to think it will be the case that the more you put in the more you get out but passive will work as well.

Saro We expect to sell out early so we encourage people to get their best bids in

Land is a starting point for much of the future development within Alien Worlds

So we’re psyched to welcome in our landowners!

Michael Yeates: not much more to add, other than i am keeping a close eye on it technically and so far so good

the only thing better than working on one blockchain is working on two

GoldRocket: So can you share your tokenomics with us?

Saro Yeah so tokenomics: TLM is released every day via the Planets, who initially have to allocate 80% of it to miners and landowners but later could change that variable. And TLM is also released directly to Landowners. TLM is REQUIRED for various ingame actions like shining up NFTs, entrance fees to battle, and terraforming

This is a visual overview

GoldRocket: this is very exciting what you guys are doing!

Saro Thanks — yes and the other big USE of Trilium is to stake to Planets — you stake Trilium to the Planets and then you can vote in their governance to impact how they allocate their Trilium reserves. This interplanetary DAO component is a key strategic and tokenomic driver of the metaverse. Expect DAOs battling in space

Michael Yeates: this industry is great because as a developer i can code almost anything that we can imagine and we like to come up with a lot of new ideas

Saro Michael won’t tell you this but he’s one of the best there is (ask around) so that’s why he can implement this stuff — we’re very lucky

Michael Yeates: the good thing is that a lot of the contracts are being inherited from our work on eosdac so we are just taking things to the next level rather than rewriting everything

GoldRocket: By the way, what were you guided by the choice WAX Cloud Wallet

Rob Allen : Extremely easy onboarding and feeless transactions make WAX an excellent layer 2 solution

Michael Yeates: wax cloud wallet is great, it gives people who are new to crypto (and even veterans) an easy way to get started. not only does it allow social signup, it makes sure that the transaction costs are paid so there is as little friction as possible. for more advanced users there is the option to manage their own keys in the traditional way

Saro In theory you can own Trilium without a WAX Cloud Wallet (it’s an ERC-20 token) but to use all the game stuff, you need WAC Cloud Wallet

Michael Yeates: one of our goals was to make it so that people can take part without owning any crypto or having to create accounts etc

Saro So to start playing, you don’t need to buy anything at all, and in fact within minutes you can be earning

Rob Allen : definately wanted to take on some of these big challenges to mainstreaming.

D. | Satoshi Club: what can i do with Trilium now? it’s tradable on exchanges?

Saro You can do lots of stuff within Alien Worlds with Trilium once the game UI opens — staking to Planets, shining up NFTs, terraforming. Obviously people can send it to each other if they want

We’re early in our Trilium journey, put it that way :). For now it’s great if people mine within Alien Worlds to amass the Trilium they need to take meaningful Planet DAO positions and to shine and terraform

Michael Yeates: we have added the ability to withdraw trilium from the game back onto the ethereum chain so anything is possible in the future. trilium is a cross platform currency

D. | Satoshi Club: we can use it on two blockchains? Right?

Rob Allen : It can teleport. We have oracles that allow it to move between chains.

Michael Yeates: you can mine and stake within the game on wax, then withdraw for safekeeping on ethereum. i am investigating even more close ties between the chains but for now it is a simple teleport. ideally i would like to allow for staking and some form of defi on ethereum, one step at a time though

D. | Satoshi Club: interesting concept :blush:

Saro You can hold Trilium like any other ERC-20 token

Rob Allen : I think this model will become popular in time

Michael Yeates: yes, each chain has it’s benefits and we want to use them all to their full potential

D. | Satoshi Club: and you take best from the each chain?

Michael Yeates: yes, for the moment onboarding and free transactions on wax and security on ethereum

D. | Satoshi Club: and liquidity as well:smile:on ethereum

Saro I would say security and also audience — ETH is unparalleled for the amount of innovation centred there, and we wanted to be part of that

Michael Yeates: yes, but im a techie

Rob Allen : Lots of ETH projects are looking at layer 2 solutions because they understanding the need — We have already focused on this from the start and implemented with this in mind.

Saro You can read about the tech behind this cross-chain mechanism here

And also in our Tech Blueprint for the geeks out there

Q2 from Telegram user @parisienne_a

You use 2 layers and 2 blockchains for your platform: Ethereum and Wax. Please explain how does this work and why you have chosen this decision

Michael Yeates: i think rob said it best, we realised very early on that we would need a second layer so started with that in mind and then designed around this being a fact

gameplay with lots of transactions we did not want to have barriers to entry

technically wax also has a lot of extras that make development easier, such as the random number generator

Rob Allen : We know ETH is where it’s at but we also want fast/feeless transactions and complex interactive contracts.

D. | Satoshi Club: we are all waiting for this tbh:smile:

Saro people being able to play and start earning in under 2 mins was pretty key for us — which they can do without buying anything. This is made possible by the layer 1/ layer 2 set up

Q3 from Telegram user @xaviermaya

I looked through your website and I see design and words which are leading me to Star Trek. I see Trilium and its leading me to Dilithium, the gas for the star ships. So, is this true? Were these series an inspiration?

Rob Allen : Lol, I am a big star trek fan but it wasn’t the biggest inflence initially

Saro I think we mainly took inspiration from exoPlanets themselves (our Planets, Eyeke, Veles, Kavian, Magor, Neri, and Naron are named after exoPlanets).

Michael Yeates: but there is one card which looks strangely familiar

D. | Satoshi Club: can we see this card? :innocent:

Michael Yeates:

D. | Satoshi Club: it’s captain kirk?:smile:

Michael Yeates: really, now you mention it, it looks a little like him

Saro you know it’s actually really funny — it’s hard to design a good-looking human avatar that doesn’t eventually look like a hollywood actor. I think we had Brad Pitt and at least 1 Keanu Reeves

Rob Allen : It is weird, I think we are all sublimly tuned to certain looks

Rob Allen : The idea of exoplanets and space is compelling as far as I am concerned — It’s a great place to create a virtual metaverse/universe.

Saro Planets are great analogies for DAOs. Each Planet can be a natural distinct group, so each Planet can go in different directions — one could have a look-and-feel that’s historical or steampunk, another could be centred around a particular storyline or IP and even be in different languages. We expect them to evolve distinctly and even have their own Uis.

Rob Allen : Yeah, we couldn’t resist — William Shatner dropped some Memorabilia on WAX and we liked it.

D. | Satoshi Club: by the way can you tell us in more details how the Planet DAOs work?

Michael Yeates: with our dao software we decided that representative democracy is more efficient than liquid democracy and therefore we have an elected leadership called “custodians”.
inside alien worlds, explorers stake their trilium and in return receive a planetary token which they can use to vote for the custodians of that planet.
once in charge of the dao, the custodians are placed into a dynamic multisig and have full control over the planetary accounts

Saro Each Planet is organised around a fungible token which tracks voting power. You stake Trilium to a Planet to receive that Planet’s voting token (which is a fungible token) to start voting in that Planet’s elections — stake weighted voting power.
It’s delegated democracy in the sense that you vote for custodians/governors rather than directly for each proposal.
Each Planet will get its own UI which show the proposals, the current top elected custodians, the time to the next election, and so on.
Different types of resolutions require different thresholds to pass. Simple proposals about how to transfer the Planet’s DAO tokens (and thereby fund worker proposals or fund a liquidity pool for example) probably just require a majority of Custodians to pass.
This is all on chain and is mature open source software that we’ve been using daily for a number of years now.
Over time Planets can create their own UIs too.

Rob Allen : Explorers can stake their Trilium and vote for a plantary council (or even run to be elected). Then the council get to decide on how the planet allocates its resources and it’s way forward.

D. | Satoshi Club: ok, what about those Planetary tokens? they have names? or people can make their own name for the token?:smile:

GoldRocket: How your NFTs work? How to use them in the game?

Rob Allen : So, there are 6 main types at this time — Land we have already mentioned, then tools are used for mining, Minions and weapons are used for fighting and quests and avatars are just your appearence. Then there are artifacts and these will be introduced to shake things up.

Michael Yeates: each nft has certain properties which we are able to read inside the smart contracts and use them within the gameplay (and be enforced on-chain), this aspect was very important to me because i like to keep as much of the gameplay on chain as possible. right now all of the gameplay is on chain and can therefore be reproduced and verified to be fair

each token has a symbol based on the planet it belongs to

however, planets have autonomy so nothing stops them from creating another token

eg. the token for eyeke is called EYE

Q4 from Telegram user @vinniepu

You are a member of BGA — Blockchain Game Alliance. Can you tell us what other big companies are members here and what is the role of this partnership? Are there any traditional game development companies like Ubisoft or others among the members of this group?

Saro We love the Blockchain Game Alliance and how they’re creating a platform for the highest quality decentralized games to learn from each other and innovate in this space that’s evolving at breakneck speed. The BGA has strong roots in The Sandbox which we respect hugely and have looked to as an example, and we look forward to even closer work with the BGA as things progress.

Rob Allen : Ubisoft is there — one of the main founders — most of the other big players in the NFT space are members. AMD, Sandbox, Ultra and Animoca Brands are all there. In general it is great to share experience and challenges (such as regulatory issues and mainstreaming) as a group rather than everyone just working on their own. We want the whole ecosystem to grow.

Saro Love Animoca Brands and what they’re doing with the REVV token. Really fun game

GoldRocket: We had an ama with the Sandbox!

D. | Satoshi Club: yeah, they are awesome!

Saro They’ve built something really awesome, very fast pace of development

Each month they announce further updates and progress

Rob Allen : Sandbox have a great vision, also Decentraland — We recently did something on Decentraland with Dappcraft — it was really fun.

GoldRocket: I can only agree with you. Satoshiklabers loved them. I hope you too

Saro Yeah DC Metaverse Studio who are involved in a district in DCL built a shooter game for us that airdropped our NFTs on players.

Rob Allen :

Saro The guys liked it — I liked in theory but wasn’t very good at it in practice

GoldRocket: I have an offtopic question:grin: Btw how earning Defi returns in Alien Worlds

Saro Landowners earn defi returns because by owning land you passively yield Trilium. Then the Planets also can support defi returns through liquidity pools

Michael Yeates: players can also stake to planets who may develop their own defi using the trilium that they earn

Saro So as mentioned all income for the DAO is decided by the DAO governors. Recalling Planetary DAOs have a fungible token which users receive for Trilium when they stake.
That relationship creates a floating rate between Trilium and the Planet DAO token, and DAO governors can back the DAO token pool with more Trilium in order to transmit value back to stakers.

Michael Yeates: we have a lot built-in but then the planets are free to extend this

Rob Allen : Also landowners can introduce their own defi models for people you mine or visit their land.

Saro Because this is a decentralised model with Trilium and NFTs being disseminated into the system as incentives, users will also proliferate their own mechanisms we expect (and we create some demand through the genesis games). But yeah the two out of the box defi mechanisms are landowning and Planetary DAO Trilium flows if the Planet so chooses (you can stake to a Planet that does if that’s what you want)

GoldRocket: breakneck speed — this is a very correct combination! when did you say started with your project?:grin:

Saro it’s been about a year

Rob Allen : Alien Worlds started last year but a fair bit of the tech used has been built by the same team over the past 3 years

GoldRocket: How big is your team? The amount of what you’ve already done is incredible!

Saro including the game UI developers, some legal help where necessary, and community, about 10–15. Core team about 5

Rob Allen : It’s hard to give an exact figure here because there are a load of specialists for different things — over 20 people have worked on it this far but the full time core is 5 / 6

GoldRocket: Not a very big team! When did you guys manage to do all this?

Saro That’s very flattering but look what you yourselves have built! The biggest TG community on earth! I do think the success of eosDAC helped as well

Rob Allen : There is a lot of outsourcing — e.g. the UI game studio has 6 people working directly.

Q5 from Telegram user @cattlewhat

Apart from deciding how much Trillium will be allocated toward mining, what other decisions can the players take using the DAO system?

Rob Allen : Each planet actually gets a sizable Trilium allocation so that can be used as and where the DAO directs. There are liquidity pools and planets can also set up their own initiatives and games.

Saro All income for each Planet DAO is decided by that DAO’s governors. So the floating rate mechanism I talked about before is a key area of decision making for each Planet DAO — whether to fund their liquidity pool to increase the TLM backing to their DAO token.
They can also create their own games, services, host events — they’re free to operate as largely autonomous communities within the metaverse, and can benefit from their Trilium flow (and compete for stakers) to do that.

Michael Yeates: technically the planet is a blockchain multisig account so a planet can actually do anything that a normal account can do, this includes allocating funds but also creating other accounts, installing smart contracts and interacting with other contracts

i dont think we will see that advanced usage to begin but the possibility is there

Saro Over time we expect and will facilitate Planet DAOs that are mature communities elsewhere — so for example a Minecraft or Ark server that mods into Alien Worlds. That way someone could be ‘playing’ Alien Worlds (ie participating in our tokenomics, using our NFTs) whilst interacting on their own community’s native interface. So a Planet DAO might think of themselves primarily as being another home community, but they plug into our metaverse, bringing more activity, innovation and users

Rob Allen : This is a focus, bringing in outside communities is something we want to foster.

Saro And will invest our time and energy in as the founding team

GoldRocket: please clarify us about core activities in the metaverse, are these 3 main ones?

Michael Yeates: i would say the core activity is planetary governance and the trilium allocation based on staked trilium, on top of that we have the games of mining and fighting but they are secondary mechanisms to distribute earned trilium

Saro This post is pretty good for highlighting the core elements before it deep dives into land

Rob Allen : Core activities = Mining, staking, battling

GoldRocket: Yes it interests me!

Rob Allen : But yeah, planetary goverance is core as will be quests and land development.

Saro But yes the 3 core elements are:
1) Earning Defi returns in Alien Worlds (landowner/Planets)
2) Our NFTs — Land, Weapons, Avatars, Tools, Minions — using them in the game
3) The Planet DAOs themselves — governance and liquidity

Rob Allen : This is another good way to look at it.

D. | Satoshi Club: so i see only 6 planets in Alien Worlds?

Saro 6 Planets

D. | Satoshi Club: do you plan to add more?:grin:

Rob Allen : We are not bringing any more online unless there is a compelling reason that benefits the ecosystem. But there is room for additions of course and if we find something that is a great opportunity we will discuss with the existing community.

Q6 from Telegram user @lissabeth

Do you have any plans in adding more interactivity to your games? At the moment from what I could read it will be quite static. Is it possible to add RPG elements or more action to it?

Michael Yeates: the games we have now are intentionally simple so that we can kickstart the economic layer. once that is up and running it will be possible for planets to integrate any game they like to distribute their trilium. in addition to this we have a galactic hub fund which is a large pool that can be awarded to developers to enhance the games for all planets

Saro The games already have a lot of richness and depth in their actual strategy. With enough resources we’d absolutely love to build out a much more dynamic interface, but I see turn-based strategy as always being at the core of how these games work. We don’t plan to invest a lot in building out an environment — other projects like Decentraland do this well. Our focus in terms of UI will be on great and slick execution of functional elements (rather than environmental / space-based elements). No VR in the pipeline here

Rob Allen : One of our supporters just did a great write up on how he sees it developing e.g. modding in Minecaft and ARK servers — This is well worth a read —

Michael Yeates: he will be running for election on one of the planets and will leverage his community to help him

Rob Allen : We are also very collaborative — so if we find a good fit that is serious then we’ll work with them. We have a fund for exactly this.

GoldRocket: this is logical and makes sense!

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user @Jonahapagu

There are six different levels of rarity for Digital Items (NFTs*) in Alien Worlds. These are : Abundant; Common; Rare; Epic; Legendary and Mythical… what are the different supplies of this rare NFT’s , How can Users be able to get this rare NFT’s, which among them will be the rarest… and how does this rare NFT’s differ amongst themselves

Michael Yeates: each item has its own maximum supply, the rarer the item, the higher the stats tend to be

Q2 from Telegram user @Mantapkansuasana

What are the future plans for Alien Project? Do you have any exciting things down the pipeline that you can share?


Yes we have a land pipeline and also our Star Route on the website outlines the new functionality we’ll be executing on

Q3 from Telegram user @K2ice

For me to get Land, do I have to wait till tomorrow or is there a way one could pre-order so as to be sure of getting it.

Saro You can preorder now at — you can only be SURE of getting land if you bid at the highest price point because we could sell out at any time

Q4 from Telegram user @brodzonl

From website,
Alien Worlds will be a metaverse where your NFTs come alive…
Your 3D Avatar will roam across Planets, using Tools to mine for Trilium. And send their Minions into battle with your enemies…
Will our enemies be other real people that have NFT characters or we gonna fifht versus bots and is there any maximum speed for mining Trilium and how can we increase it?

Michael Yeates: the enemies will be other people, if there are not enough at the time then we have some bots available to step in. you can increase your mining power and reward by using the correct combination of mining tool nfts

Saro You can increase mining power by obtaining better NFTs (main way is through shining, you could also trade with others). Speed of mining is improved by getting land and tools with lower “charge time” modifiers.

Yes — fighting will be with real people but also some house fighters in case real people (minion NFTs) at your level arent available. The fighting game isn’t released yet so details will be available when it is released.

Q5 from Telegram user @henrypok

What is the role of Trillium token in the Alien world ecosystem? How it will use within the ecosystem? Does Trilium holders has the right to participate in the Governance?

Saro You need Trilium to 1) shine NFTs (power them up) 2) pay entrance fees to fighting game and other events 3) land improvements which yield you more and 4) to stake to a Planet. Trilium doesn’t in itself giv eyou a right to governance but if you stake it to a Planet, that Planet’s DAO token does give you voting

Q6 from Telegram user @AugusS7

How many avatars and equipment does Alien World really have? can users create some with the characteristics they want in exchange for a certain amount of trilium? or that is in charge of DAO?

Michael Yeates: we have a fixed number of nfts which are used in the default games, planets are free to issue their own which are used in their own games. if there is enough community support then the federation can also respect them

Q7 from Telegram user @Mantapkansuasana

Are you planning to promote your project in different countries, where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project?

Michael Yeates: yes eventually we plan to do this, at the moment the focus is to release the game and then move to the next level where everything is translated and we can onboard ambassadors for different languages

Q8 from Telegram user @d1rman_19

If I own the land and plan to mine the land myself, can I do that and not open the land to other people?

Saro You can mine for your own land. You can’t prohibit others mining your land but you can set the commission you charge (a %) very high which would make it unattractive to mine your land.

Q9 from Telegram user @KevSalom

What do I need to play Allien Wordld? Do I need virtual reality equipment, controls or something very sophisticated? Or is a laptop enough? If so, what GPU and RAM power are needed for good performance?

Michael Yeates: any web enabled device should do, laptop or desktop as well as any recent phone should work

Q10 from Telegram user @AmirJosh

There are 20 types of Lands in Alien Worlds, which have a total of 3,343 Lands in 6 Planets. Will you tell us what are the names and classifications of these land types?

Saro You can find this here in the linked spreadsheet called “NFT attributes”

Q11 from Telegram user @Chinthaka93

What is the relationship between ALIEN WORLDS and CRYPTO LOACALLY? Could you please explain about your realationships and partnerships?

Saro We love CryptoLocally and think they are creating an amazing platform. Their lead dev and ours have known each other for a long time. Their team is helping us to build out the metaverse.

Michael Yeates: jae chung is a good friend of mine, i have been working closely with him since we met in 2018. together we were in the ghostbusters tech collective

Q12 from Telegram user @SutedjaDian

You were founded at last year. We all know that after the bull run of 2017 it was a critical time for cryptocurrency. My question is, how “Alien world” is able to survive in this longer bear market? What method did you guys apply to survive?

Michael Yeates: i believe that if you can involve many people and directly reward them for their effort then it doesnt matter what kind of market we are in. tokenised work and effort is the future and people do not output less in a bear market. my hope is that alien worlds can start to show how people can earn in their own currencies and control their own earning capability without relying on external markets

Q13 from Telegram user @Jesussolorzano

Currently there are 3343 LAND NFT which is not a high amount nor a low amount but I want to know if you have plans to burn soon?

Michael Yeates: the land nfts cannot be burned, its land

Q14 from Telegram user @Cakelov

Hello after checking your website, it’s looks like Alien worlds only available to play in computer, am I right? Do you have plan to create the mobile/smartphone version? since its difficult for people like me who work mobile to play in computer

Rob Allen : Hi, no — we have actually always tried to think mobile first. The UI is developed through unity webgl so is accessible on most devices via web browsers.

Q15 from Telegram user @BERTA2020

In your current card pack (Special Land Pack) there are 5 classes which are from common to mythical so can you tell me what are the chances that I can get each different kind of card?

Saro One card guaranteed to be Land, drawn randomly from terrain types across different Planets.
Each of the seven remaining cards has the below probabilities of being of the rarity listed.
Common : 63%
Rare : 25%
Epic : 10.3%
Legendary : 1.5%
Mythical : 0.2%
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Each card is drawn independently, so your pack could contain seven cards of the same rarity.

Q16 from Telegram user @baimwong1

Would Alien Worlds want to consider the Binancesmartchain network to expand its project and what is the name of the core coin of the Alien Worlds project?

Michael Yeates: binance chain is on our radar of chains to support in the future

Q17 from Telegram user @Mantapkansuasana

What are the future plans for Alien Project? Do you have any exciting things down the pipeline that you can share?

Rob Allen : The starroute on the website gives a great overview and bear in mind that planets and communities may also form theior own direction

Q18 from Telegram user @Arisabela

For the 2050 AlienWorlds expect to have a total 78.000 Trilium. What can the team control and what depends on the community in order to reach this numbers in the long term?

Rob Allen : That is the daily allocation to planets — the slow release has a half life of approx 7 years.

Q19 from Telegram user @BERTA2020

Well tell me what are the types of Land that are currently available to buy? And how can I buy them? In which tokens can I pay? What are the prices and rarities?

Michael Yeates: land is sold in packs with a random piece of land in each. we are running a dutch auction for the packs which also include 7 random nfts to use within the game

Q20 from Telegram user @Mora110

You mentioned on your site that Core activities in the metaverse
1 / saking and voting
2 / mining
3 / Fighting
How is this done sir explain to us

Michael Yeates: all of this is done via the user interface which we will release shortly

Q21 from Telegram user @K2ice

In an article, Alien Worlds was referred to as metaverse. Why was it referred to as metaverse and not a game?

Rob Allen : It’s not just one game — it has loads of interconnecting elements and extensions

Q22 from Telegram user @taemin_vj

Why do you think representative democracy is more efficient? Many platforms have capital efficiency, do you think they have an advantage? Or can it be a disadvantage for you?

Michael Yeates: it is easier to get a few leaders together and in agreement than hundreds of token holders. often token holders have other things to do than govern the tokens that they own. we have found that this model works very well for eosdac where we have a large number of smaller token holders

Q23 from Telegram user @konditer_rolex

I’m already in anticipation of this action. Yesterday I played Super Mario and today I can dictate my terms to the whole planet. Trade wars, conspiracies of monopolists, sanctions … Is all this possible in Alien Worlds?Will we surpass Game of Thrones?Can we teach you how to do a Wall Street whale business?What in-game communications are provided for communication between players?

Saro For now our communities are really active in Discord and Telegram In Discord we have Planet channels set up and for now this should be good. Over time in game comms would be nice but not a feature yet.

Q24 from Telegram user @Sumione

Is minions are for mining uses or for next purposes? what do I require for mining and can I do it from mobile?

Michael Yeates: minions will be initially used in the fighting game but there are some plans to involve them in mining too

Part 3 — Quiz Results

In the final part we tested your knowledge in terms of Alien Worlds They’ve prepared 4 questions for this part. The total reward pool for quiz was 3500$.

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