Book review of Eternal Euphoria by Jeshua Aswin

By Agnel Vishal | Sarchy | 29 Aug 2021


If happiness comes from within, why then read a book on happiness which is outside us? This book "Eternal Euphoria" by Jeshua Aswin book answers this question. Lot of us have contaminated and layered our inside mind. The book describes ways to peel our distresses hurting our insides.

It is unlike a story book. It is a comprehensive detailed book on the path to happiness.  

Even reading a single heading in this book and contemplating on it can add good value to our lives.

Personally, the thing I liked the most in this book is in the preface section where the author mentions the reason why he wrote this book. The author has seen people facing troubles in their lives and has genuinely wanted to help them. This book is written out of love. Surely a way to happiness.

This book is written in such a way that one could pick a heading in a random page and continue with the reading. There is no need to read sequentially from chapter 1.

You could also expect to learn some new standard words from reading this book.

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