Why YouTube is going to die

By sandeep126 | sandeep126 | 19 Sep 2019

During 90s when google and yahoo were only search engine but slowly google took over yahoo and became no.1 search engine globally in 1996 but time changing now.

From the time of golden days of google and  its baby site called you tube  which was getting more popular in terms of browsing video file .

After 2008 , you tube was really climbed on top of all the website related video search.you tube start rewarding their user on the base of view and subscriber by input ads and it really was great idea to let the user become happy by earning money and also  you tube built a platform where you find utmost all the types of videos around the world.

But what happened after 2017 ?

The thing was happened was just really revolutionary for the users but not happy news for you tube .

Blockchain technology started getting adopted by world and so many new platform was built on the block chain which really competing with you tube.

The big killer of you tube was just only Brave browser which totally changed the people mentality to surf internet , i mean brave just blocked all the ads which was the backbone of you tube to generate revenue.


Now all the people feel good to adopt brave  which really nice and friendly app to use ,which also reward you with BAT coins

If you ask me personnaly i watch youtube with brave browser which really make more more enjoying also earn reward.

Thanks to blockchain which really going to take over the whole ecosystem of telivision, mobile and internet.

You tube can be settle in this competition but it needs to think differently and bring some ideas to provide the reward equally among users.351665157-cae818c7d1bd91b16243d238f6de83c7986031cbe224416f6e46b8cce7a351b2.jpeg




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