US$ 24,5 milion stolen from xToken Protocol using flash-loans exploit .

By Samuray | Samuray | 12 May 2021

Not a good day for xToken and DeFi investers, and its not the first time a hacker steals money from Defi protocols... so be carefull where you are puting your money.

The attack happened the day this article is being written, 12-mai-2021.The attacker used two exploits to steal the tokens.They used the flash-loan to borrow 61800 ETH, and this manipulated Kyber Network’s oracle, minting xSNXa tokens and fast traded it for ETH and SNX (Synthetix). Also, xBNTa contrat had a weakness explot, beeing possible to mint xBNTa tokens using any other tokens (not only BNT tokens, how it was suposed to word).

The invader paid 5ETH in fees to acompliosh his attack, stealing a total of 2400 ETH ($10 mi), 781000 BNT ($6.2 mi), 407000 SNX($8mi), 1.9bi xBNTa.
All tokens sold for US$ 24,5 milion

More information about this invastion in Igor Igamberdiev twitter, from "The Block Research"

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