How Low Bitcoin can Go?

By Samuray | Samuray | 25 Apr 2021

Unfurtunately, Bitcoin is showing a changing trend patterns... i wanted to be optimistic, but we have to be cautelous before infesting.
Definitely, this is not the best moment to sell or buy anything, we have to wait cautelous for the next days.

If the price falls bellow $44,7k, we will see a dump in short terms, we dont know about the future, but we know about psychology, and breaking this support can trigger the panic selling mode in many people. I am optimistic in long term, but we are seeing a break point right now, the market is afraid to invest.

As we see in 1D graph, the price could retract to 50% of the uptrend starting value (when bitcoin broke $11k), and the next game changing point will be in $35k.This price could be the perfect time to buy bitcoin if it shows up as a support, or a sad strong resistence that can dump the price even more.



Definitely, we are seeing many scams going on. like the Turkey Exchange steling 2$ Bi, and many "fake coins projects" scams.
The price will go up when people understand the power of DeFi, remember, the exchange controls your money... you have more power if you use your owm wallet combined with defi projects.

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