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Three Tips to Fight Depression

I have been battling depression these past few days. I'm not sure if it was the covid vaccine that triggered it, or if it was something else, but I haven't been creating as much content as I usually do. I have been slacking. 

It was encouraging logging into my pubish0x account today and see it had been growing a little, so that has given me the little bit of push I needed to post something. 

A few months back I re-branded my content to focus more on mindset. And immediately after that I sank into a really deep hole of depression. 

As someone who has battled depression in the past, I know these are battles you have to fight every day. Some days are tougher than others, but the battles are definitely every day. Deep inside I knew, this too would pass, and it is. It's starting to go away so I wanted to document some of the things I've been doing to battle this depression so that maybe I can help others get out of the rut too. 

  • 1. The first and probably the most important thing I've been doing is drinking lots of water. First thing I do in the morning is drink water on an empty stomach. There's a few reasons why this is important like 
    • First is energy. I used to drink coffee first thing in the morning, but I read somewhere (probably on twitter, I don't even remember the source) water gives you more energy than coffee, and it does. I started drinking water on an empty stomach to test it, and it's true, water on an empty stomach gives you far, far, far more energy. 
    • Digestion. Water activates the acids in your stomach helping it digest the stuff from last night. See, your body WANTS to get rid of all the bad toxins in your body, you have to help it a little sometimes. 
    • Immunity. The acid in your stomach doesn't just help your body digest food and rid of toxins, it also helps as a way to prevent illness. Drinking water sends bacteria in your mouth down into the acid of your stomach where it meets its fatal destiny.
  • 2. The second thing I've done to help battle depression is doing a little bit of exercise. 
    • A body at rest stays at rest, a body in motion stays in motion. Little walks outside and some squats and push ups are doing the trick so far. Even just the tiniest release of endorphins can be the little spark you needed to get you going. 
  • 3. Lastly, I've been working on habits like cleaning my apt. I know that might sounds silly, but the tiniest alteration to your habits can have the biggest impact on your overall performance. 
    • I literally have a notebook with a to-do list and I cross things out as I get them done. Seeing the progress helps me stay focused. That's one of the specific steps I take to work on habits, I start crossing things out on the to-do list and before I know it I'm crossing things out like a mad man!
      • This can be an easy way to set you in motion, start writing a to-do list and cross things out as you get them done. 

That's all I have for right now. I'm just happy to be writing and creating content again. If you have tips to fight depression, drop them in the comments below, and if you found this useful, please share with your friends. 

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Wealth Mindset HipHop Men, Husbands, and Fathers
Wealth Mindset HipHop Men, Husbands, and Fathers

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