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Mindset and Wealth HipHop Men / Husbands / Fathers

Yesterday I mentioned I was rebranding myself. What I'm actually doing is adding to my brand. Or, actually, I'm honing my targets. I recently read a course by @hustleandconquer on twitter, and it taught me a little bit more about marketing. Specifically, it taught me about growing on twitter. Even though the course is written specifically for twitter growth, it taught me a valuable lesson in marketing. 

See one of the first things you learn in marketing is about target audiences, and I believe that the more specific the target, the better. 

So when we start learning about target audiences, we think of the same, traditional things like age, sex, location, employment status, etc, but that's where most people stop. Most people don't go deeper into their audience. 

I wanted to get as specific as I could with my target audience.

I got to work, and created this target audience: men, husbands, fathers who listen to hip hop and probably watch sports too. 

That's who I want to work with because that is literally me so I figured if we have something in common, it would be easier to make sales. And I was right, it did become easier to make sales. And larger sales too! I created a larger package with more services, and I got clients buying those. This is a valuable lesson I want to touch up on a later time too, I increased my prices and my sales increased, but for now I'm going to stick to targeting. 

I thought I had a pretty solid target audience. After all, it is really specific, but at the same time, it does not stand out. There isn't any real value. All that changed when I read Hustle and Conquer's course. 

That course is a twitter course, and it breaks down the three most popular niches on twitter: wealth, health, and mindset. 

I am applying that to my brand so I can really get some depth to my targets.

See, while everyone is doing things on the x, y axis, this gives me a whole new angle. It gives me the z axis. Now I have a new dimension. 

I asked my audience what they needed most help with, and the majority replied mindset. So I decided to go with mindset because their success is more important to me. I could have gone with wealth and focus on sales all day, but my people need help with the mindset, and I actually happen to have some pretty solid experiences to draw from to bing quality content for mindset. 

So lets recap, my content is for hiphop men/husbands/fathers to develop a leadership and wisdom mindset. With that, you should be able to drive and navigate yourself in the finance stuff, but don't dread, I will also bring some content in finances as I believe finance goes together with mindset. 

This new image does seem to be working, but like my old Cutco manager Stacy Campbell used to say, I'll tell you in five weeks. Every time we asked how a meeting went, or a trip, or how he felt about a certain campaign we had just started, he always said, I'll tell you in five weeks. Because today we are doing the work, but we will not really see an impact until about five to nine weeks later. We are planting seeds, and they bloom in 5-9 weeks. 

Why Mindset, Tho?

Another quick shoutout to the Cutco world, when I was selling knives, my old manager in South Texas, Nick Smith, always preached mindset like a mfer. It was the first thing he had us do when we started training to be on his team, or training to be promoted into a leadership role. 

It's the first thing most 12 steps programs have you do. Twelve step programs are really about mastering the mind through a system. 

Nick's system works great! He is one of the fastest growing young Division Managers in the company, and it's not by accident. 


The next day after deciding to add mindset to my brand, I discovered this tweet: 

I was intrigued and began digging. It seemed like this was exactly the type of thing I needed to learn so I could bring that mindset element to my brand. So I got to work. I'm studying mainly ancient philosophy for my new brand and image. I found out a lot of the world's greatest leaders study philosophy. 

I am learning how philosophy can make you better at sales and a better manager. So Nick could have just told us to study philosophy, but I guess some people would probably not be interested if he called it that. At first glance, it doesn't sound as exciting, I suppose, until you actually dive in and the words make you think. 

I am hooked!

The more I read and learn, the more I want to read and learn some more!

I'll update my content more as I go, and remember to follow me on twitter to see more about my journey @DeafToneSays

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Wealth Mindset HipHop Men, Husbands, and Fathers

Wealth Mindset HipHop Men, Husbands, and Fathers
Wealth Mindset HipHop Men, Husbands, and Fathers

Same journey, new friends. This is my first blog on this platform. I recently re-branded my twitter, and I am now going to start rolling out the new brand into the rest of my content. My new brand is helping hip hop men/husbands/dads develop a winning mindset and build wealth. I think this is the perfect way to start on a new platform.

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