Akumal Sea Turtle Season

By Samakauama | Samakauama | 20 May 2019

As you might not know it is Turtle season i the Riviera Maya.
Here in Akumal the giant turtles are starting to come out at night, make their nests and lay up to 100 eggs. 

Its a blessing to get to see but we have to remember to conserve them and not disturve them; always use red spectrum lighting and stay far enough and still to not disturb with vibrations.

In 2 months so many little creatures with dreams of a full life will hatch underground and scrape their way out and in to the water, i wish this was the happy ending but out of 100 only 2 will make it to adulthood (30 years) or come back to the same spot to start the cycle again. 

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