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fell boredom

By sajadall | sajadall | 6 Feb 2021

I wrote poetry about boredom so we first understand that how we face boredom it simply mean that when you are felling not well and don’t understand what you are supposed to or want to do. Boredom always came when you do not have enough activities that make you busy when you are free fell boredom.

Never a day to play,
Never a day to be gay,
Days that make me old and tired,
Days that make me dumb and wired,
I never hear a yes,
For I always get into a mess.
Boredom has become fame,
I might as well be in a flame.
At least I will be able to have fun just like a fable,
Maybe I could fly,
Just to reach the sky.
Or soar with an eagle,
I wonder whether it would be legal,
Boredom and there is no hope,
It is too much to cope.



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