Bakeryswap: The 1st AMM and NFT market on BINANCE SMART CHAIN

By Sajjad570 | saj_ak | 7 Feb 2021

The success of BSC has opened up a new whole world for DeFi and NFT markets. Due to its high scalability and low transaction costs it's affordable by anyone who has a wallet. The success of Pancakeswap has proven that the future of BSC projects is bright.

Bakeryswap is the first decentralized Automated market maker(AMM) protocol with the support of NFT exchange  on BINANCE SMART CHAIN. It was founded by a team of anonymous developers who believe in the future of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). 

BAKE is the native governance token of the BAKERYSWAP which can be earned by providing liquidity on BakerySwap. BAKE holders can also use their tokens for governance voting as well as for receiving transaction fee dividends. BAKE can be used to compose a random combo meal, which is a unique NFT(None-fungible token). Now unlike other NFT'S this unique NFT is not only a collectible item, but also a BAKE farming tool. Each NFT combo has a  uniqu staking power and can be staked to earn BAKE.

With only 291 BAKE staked i am earning around 20 WEAPON tokens per day which I can forge into NFT once I have minimum 500. This NFT can again be staked to earn BAKE!


Recently they have launched BAKE-DOGE LP which currently offers more than 200% ROI. This recieved huge attention of users and saw  more than100% growth in weekly user base surpassing PANCAKESWAP.


Coming back to BAKE tokens, it is currently listed on Binance. It's price has increased more than 700% in just a month. 391,027,423 BAKE tokens has been burned till now and this burning process continues as new BAKE tokens come into circulation. The total supply of BAKE tokens is locked at 144,606,918. While I believe BAKE tokens will surge even more in the coming months, you should also do your own research (DYOR) before investing in any project.


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