On the canal with the Seagull - £50 Setup

On The Canal With The Seagull



I decided to go on the canal as it is the only place local to me that I can go out on the water. It was really strange being on shallow flat water. To my surprice the outboard touched the bottom a
number of times.


The setup was a lifeboat 250 dinghy and a British Seagul forty plus. I brought the dinghy for just £25 of ebay and the outboard for just £25 as a non runner that I got running see my other post. I went along for about 40 minutes as there was a lock and I did not fancy having to lift the dinghy and outboard out and back in.



I put a litre of fuel in but did not use much.

In the furture I might go a bit further depending on the weather as it was very pleasant on the canal with only the odd barge

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By sea and land
By sea and land

Normal person who loves linguistics and travel. I have a passion for sailing and being on the water. I love to travel overland or by sea. I have been making money online since 2005.

Sailing for everyone
Sailing for everyone

Sailing is not just for the rich but, everyone. All about sailing and being on the water.

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