Greta hates these.


British Seagull Outboards 

British Seagulls was a company that produced engines for the marine environment from the late 30s until the mid 90s. Many of the first produced outboards are still running. British Seagulls were a very simple two stroke engine that used high quality materials that were specifically designed to work in the harsh marine environment. They were so well made that lots are still in use to this day. They have a huge following around the world 🌎 and many facebook groups are dedicated to them. Including


They are two stroke and use a lot of oil 🛢 they generally leave a trail of oil behind them. So Greta really would not like them. But, considering how old they are some of the environmental impacts could be considered offset due to the fact the original engines are still working. Unlike many newer produced outboard engines that have been disposed of. 


You can find them on Facebook groups and ebay plus many more places. A lot of enthusiasts collect them and their garages or even houses look like a museum. 



I use a 1979 forty plus on my tender that I paid just £25 for and she serves me well. A quick pull on the cord and she will start after the second pull. They are dirty and noisy but, it is nice travelling along with such an old outboard motor. Many reports exist of these outboards starting after not being run for over 40 years.

Many British Seagull races exist with the most well known being in Bermuda 🇧🇲 

On the local canal with my classic outboard 




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