Fareham to Newtown Creek


It was another very hot day and I decided that I was going to spend the night on the hook in New Town Creek. New Town Creek is on the Isle of Wight and is a National Nature Reserve it is a very peaceful place to visit and one of my favourite places in the Solent. For anchoring it is well protected and has good holding I would highly recommend it to anyone.


Wind was almost non existent F1/2 at times I decided to raise the main to catch what little wind I could. It was unusually quite for the Solent that was until I entered New Town Creek. It was like a water park people swimming, playing on water toys. The place was packed with Sailing boats small and large, ribs, motorboats jet skies I had never seen New Town Creek as full before.


I decided to take the tender to explore a bit I could only land on the beach due low water. I decided to go for a swim as it was very hot. It was very refreshing to take a dip. Later on I deiced to to land and have a look round. It was like going back in time very peaceful and just the odd tourist.


I went back and had my dinner and a drink as the day turned to dusk the day sailors and ribs, power boats departed it was a different world. Just two other yachts on the hook. I watched the sunset and shortly after went to my bunk ready for an early start.


Always something interesting in Portsmouth



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By sea and land
By sea and land

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Sailing for everyone
Sailing for everyone

Sailing is not just for the rich but, everyone. All about sailing and being on the water.

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