Cats The Best Sailors Companion

A cat is an ideal companion for any sailor. They are generally scared of the water and on a boat being surrounded by water they can not go far. A cat is the best pest control you can get. They will hunt and kill any rats, mouse, cockcrouchs they find as well as catching flies and other insects.



Since mankind has been sailing cats have been on board and this is why cats can be found all over the world. Cats on board ships would often jump on board and leave at another port before finding another ship or settling into a life on land.


Mrs chippy was a ships cat who explored with Ernest Shackleton. He was a male cat who belonged to the ships carpenter. Chippy is a British word that referred to a carpenter. Unfortunately Mr Shackleton made the sad decision to shoot Mrs Chippy along with other animals who would have been a burden on the survival of the ships crew.


Many long distance solo sailors take a cat with them for their ability to adjust to life on-board. But, more likely for companionship. I do eventually plan to sail across the Atlantic solo and will be bringing a cat with me for company.


Benefits of cats on board.

1. Ability to adjust on-board.

2. Toilet trained.

3. No need for walks on land.

4. Easy to look after.

5. Independent.

6. Would not need much stowage for food.

7. Great company.

8. Will adjust to different climates.

9. Pest control. 


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By sea and land
By sea and land

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Sailing for everyone

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