The desire to live beautifully and change this world. What am I dreaming about now?

By safmial | safmial | 30 Apr 2022

Recently, my life has become very different. I learned the news that just changed my life, but I'll tell you a little later. And then I realized that dreams do come true. I learned that life is fleeting, and you need not just to exist, but to enjoy every moment.

And then I realized that I want to do something special. Something that will be useful to people and society. I want that when people look at me, they immediately realize that they have a strong personality in front of them, from whom you can learn a lot.

I also realized that I help people too much at my own expense. Helping is not bad at all, but you need to know when to stop and take care of yourself. I know people who sell absolutely everything. Any thing, and they buy. Now I can’t work due to circumstances and I’m trying to earn my penny on the Internet. Why don't I start selling something? But more often than not, I just plan and in the end everything stays in my head. And that's not possible.

I wanted to develop my talent in writing every day, I tried to study cryptocurrency, trade futures, but this remained in the plans.

If earlier I could afford to be lazy, now I realized that I have someone to try for, so I have to develop and change my life. Stop being lazy, it won't move me one step further.

Friends, what motivates you? Are there things that you have been wanting to start doing for a long time, but leave it in the plans? I would love to hear from each of you.


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