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Nexus Mutual: Insurance AND Risk Assessment Resource

By 1securemf | Safer Smarter Crypto | 21 Jun 2022

Custodian Insurance and Celsius

A quick glance at the cost of coverage shows that Nexus Mutual was (rightfully) dubious of Celsius from the beginning. 

cost of cover celsius vs coinbase

The cost of cover for the majority of custodians is a mere 2.6%, not just for centralized exchanges but for yield platforms like Hodlnaut which is essentially identical to Celsius.

Even before Celsius restricted withdrawals, the cost of cover for Celsius was more than 20%

Nexus Mutual's pricing is what caused me to divest from Celsius months ago. I'm much happier at Hodlnaut.



I'm not saying that Nexus Mutual is the end-all-be-all in terms of risk assessment, but they do provide great resources for users to do their own research. 

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1SecureMF is a published journalist (Rolling Stone), hedge fund analyst, and individual investor who's been featured on the Economist podcast.

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