Safemoon Update | Wallet & Exchange Hinted!

By RetroKoin | Safemoon | 29 Apr 2021

Wen Wallet?

OK, let's start this off with a mention from the team about the Safemoon wallet. Over the past few weeks, the team have had none stop issues with the Trust wallet, used on pancakeswap. Problems have continued to crop up, incorrect pricing; ridiculous trading fees when swapping to BNB and so on, which I suspect lead to their announcement on a recent AMA of the wallets development.

We don't yet know when to expect the wallet, but in terms of scalability, so far it only needs to hold Safemoon, so architecting and ui dev should be fairly straight forward. Put in the hands of Thomas and his band of merry devs... I'm sure it won't be long before we see a working version.

Exchange News

Another exchange is supposedly just around the corner, CEO John Karony tweeted that "the next next exchange begins with a K". Immediately 2 exchanges spring to mind for me, Kucoin and Kraken. A listing on either of these exchanges would blow minds! both are part of the top 5 club for spot exchanges listed on CMC, so cross those fingers!

Whale Watching

Our friendly Whale watcher @daddbyB on reddit released another update this morning, relatively small movement in terms of volume, 1 whale moved his entire holdings to another wallet, costing him 300 billion safemoon to do so! My guess is he'd had enough of the issues with Trust wallet. Currently there are 28 Whales with a wallet size of 1 Trillion tokens or more.

Safemoon Whales 29/04

Price & Stats

No real surprise to see Safemoon is still trading sideways, has the price at 490 (-4.06% 24hr) while bitmart is currently fluctuating around 530 (+3.32% 24hr). expectations are stagnant over the next few days, we may see some movement due to twitter hype, coming from news of the new wallet and a potentially massive exchange announcement, but I'm happy to watch this wave progress for now.

The burn total sits at 411.3349 Trillion, an increase of 207 Billion since yesterday (411.1275 T this time yesterday) which brings the total Circulating Supply down to 588.67 Trillion.

Wallet holders for Trust Wallet are: 1,386,465. Combine that with 6 other recent exchanges added and you can atleast double or triple that figure. I'll be working on finding out those estimates soon, but it may take some digging and prodding! :)


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