Safemoon Update | April 30

By RetroKoin | Safemoon | 30 Apr 2021

A reasonably quiet time for the team over the past 24 hours, at least in the public eye.

The big announcement on twitter was that MXC is now fully trading Safemoon and tokenomics have been activated on their platform! MXC was announced last week as joining the ever growing list of exchanges trading Safemoon.

We also heard that another exchange has agreed to add the tokennomics system to their platform, from what I understand, this is no menial task, as we found out with ZBG and MXC, there are some hurdles to overcome, but I'm sure the team are getting to grips with walking these exchanges through the process now.

A few interesting tweets from the team that I thought were worth mentioning, with Sundays AMA coming up, it's always important to note that the team are constantly striving to push for bigger and better every week. This is a sure-fire sign that these guys mean business.

Whale Watching

Another update this morning from DaddbyB on reddit, who started off with a huge rant over the Binance fiasco and their live stream antics. It's a great read and a spot on analogy, I highly recommend you go read it.

No change in the pecking order for the top whales, they must be sensing a big move coming soon.


Price & Stats

It's another steady day for the price across most of the exchanges. Bare in mind we will see a difference in prices from one exchange to another, just because of how the tokenomics works, and some have different pairings to others. Pancake has the price at 466 (+3.34% 24hr) while bitmart is currently fluctuating around 517 (-3% 24hr).

The burn total sits at 411.4711 Trillion, an increase of 136 Billion since yesterday (411.3349 T this time yesterday) which brings the total Circulating Supply down to 588.53 Trillion.

We saw a big increase to the amount of wallet holders today, with a total of 1,460,967 (BSCscan) + exchange wallets. I'd say well in excess of 2,5000,000+.

Safemoon Price Bot


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