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My experience in cryptocurrencies

By Laurent | sacrelolo | 20 Sep 2020

I began to be interested in cryptocurrencies in 2017. I first heard about Bitcoin as I was stuck in a traffic jam near Geneva, Switzerland. Radio Television Switzerland was interviewing a geek who was active in mining Bitcoin. I had absolutely no IT education, especially in hashing, etc...
I remember I was quite interested. Back home, then, I did a couple of researches on Google. I started mining, not Bitcoin -as I understood it was unprofitable- but Monero.

I remember looking avidly at the hashing rate, in the hope to get a lot of blocks :)

I have to say I'm not a geek nor a programmer, though, even if I can manage in basic scripts (php, python...). I can't afford to invest a lot in cryptos, neither. So what do I do?

As I said, I started with mining, then I interested myself in altcoins (about 15 of them, including:

  • ethereum

  • bitcoin cash

  • litecoin

  • monero

  • tron

  • cardano

  • tezos

  • bat (Basic Attention Token)

  • veChain

  • loopring

Additionally, the following are not coins, but are worth your attention:

I'm also earning some cash with:

  • read cash

  • library

  • uptrennd

  • hive (very recently; this is the first week, actually)

  • minds. Recent discovery as well. Looks promising, though...

Of course, I did not mention publish 0x, but I'm working on it at the moment, so I trust this is obvious.
Sorry if I miss the boundary between tokens, coins and others...

Check the projects you don't know yet. You are very welcome to let me know which cryptos are of interest for you (or are not). Even if we don't agree, it's always worthwhile to exchange, anyway. I will read each of your contributions.
Also, please bear with me as it is my first post on cryptos on publishOx.

I will share with you more experiences in the upcoming posts. I will talk about the people and the platforms which helped me progressively learn cryptos.



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Images from Pixabay.

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Another big fan of cryptos. Here to promote knowledge and share a passion.


Experience of a crypto amateur. Working as a gerontologist (science of old age & ageing), I'm not an expert in cryptography and blockchain. However, I started being versed in cryptos in 2017 and I'm still active in it. I want to share my experience with other crypto amateurs, so to say. Let's start now!

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