Basic Income for all !

By Laurent | sacrelolo | 28 Sep 2020

Wealth inequalities.... A lot has already been said. I just would like to give this figure : 5% of the population holds 95% of the global wealth. Nice pareto theory learned in Colleges...

What's more, "8% of working people still live in poverty, with less than the standard absolute international poverty line of US$ 1,90 per day. Of course, it could be argued that the figure is encouraging, as that share was 26% in 2000". Source : The ILO (International Labour Office)


But does redistribution work ?

Isn't it utopic ? Would basic income kill the work ethics ? Of course there are so many questions that can't be answered in the scope of this short article.

I just want to introduce Good dollar, an initiative launched in 2018. It's been relaunched with greater impulsion over the last few weeks.

Good dollar is a global basic income powered by cryptocurrencies. Technically speaking, Good dollar offers smart contracts, wallets and a token.


Who's behind Good dollar ?

Good dollar Limited is a not-for-profit-organisation established in the UK. It works with donations from sponsors and donations, both from individuals and companies.
E-Toro, one of the leading trading platforms supports Good dollar as part of its Corporate Social Responsability policy.

Good dollar on CoinmarketCap


The basic income is open to everyone. The only condition is to have an internet connection. Signup is offered through google and facebook signing as well.

The unicity of the accounts is controlled via your selfie that you have to insert upon your registration.


Willing to support Good dollar ? Spread the word – wherever it be, on social network, between friends, parents...

Stake your cryptos ! Staking will be available shortly with your favorite assets : Compound, Aave, DMM, etc...

Willing to claim Good dollars ? Just claim every day, and that's it !


Give it a try ! No risks, just benefits !

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