Bounty: QuarkChain Reward pool: 5,000,000 QKC [~$27,000]

By Sonerji | S Crypto Airdrops | 20 Aug 2020

Step-by-step guide:

Click here to register

✅ Register on the Quarkchain website

✅ Verify your email and login.

✅ Connect to your Twitter account.

✅ Complete twitter tasks and get more points.

✅ You will share a pool of 5,000,000 QKC ~$27,000.

✅ Invite your friends to earn more QKC.

✅ More information, See the Official Announcement.


Airdrop rewards will be distributed to your ETH Wallet after the Campaign ends.


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S Crypto Airdrops
S Crypto Airdrops

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