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By The Lynx | Crypto Lynx | 7 Apr 2021

We all have time wasters in our lives—you know, those mindless games on our phone or nosing around on social media. I have backed away from a lot of my social media time and have eliminated all phone games that are not earning me crypto. Here is why: In exactly three weeks I have earned about $45 in BTC on Cointiply.

Here is a screen shot for evidence. See the blue arrow in the upper right corner:


Some people love faucets; others hate them. I have found one that works for me. I chose it after reading many reviews, including a couple here on Publish0x. Many faucets are huge time wasters for very little to show. Some of them have issues with transferring your funds. Others have had security issues. I have been on Cointiply for exactly three weeks now and have made almost $45. No, I am not getting rich.

This is the only faucet I am on. It is just enough to fill in my dead time or down time between more important things like studying the markets, making trades, writing, and of course enjoying my recreational hikes or bike rides.

Here is a summary of how I made this money:

What I Have Done:

  • Checked in every day and joined the rain pool multiple times and the hourly spin
  • Completed two word game offers on my phone (leveling up)
  • Collected some coins on referrals.
  • A bunch of surveys

That’s it. I tried the games listed on Cointiply, but at this point they are a waste of time. You only get very few coins by watching the ads before each game. There is really no point here if your objective is earning coins. I can watch ads elsewhere on the site for many more coins and much less time. The far better way to play games and earn coins is by downloading games on your phone that are found on the offer wall.

The two word games were Scrabble and Word Life. I earned over 55,000 with those two. Once I completed 220 levels of Word Life I took it off my phone and started Scrabble. I have really enjoyed that and may keep it on there, even though I have already earned my coins. I definitely plan to see what other fun and free games I can put on my phone. This is completely spare time stuff here. I have only caught myself a couple of times putting in more time than I wanted, but I was having fun anyway.

The rain pool works like this. You join a chat (you do not have to actually participate), and you do other things on the site like surveys or watch ads.

The hourly spins are also a way to earn free coins. (Some regions in the world are limited to two spins per day). You simply click the “roll the faucet” tab to get it rolling. They ask you to ID a Kaptcha phrase to keep people honest. This number is random, but your “cointiplier” will keep going up as long as you check in at least once each day.

There are multiple ways that you can watch ads. I do a few of these every day. I just don’t click on the ads after they come up.

By far, the best way to earn coins is with the surveys. This is the most time-consuming thing I have done on Cointiply, but the rewards are great. I usually do about 30 minutes’ worth of surveys a day. Some Saturday mornings I have done a bit more. I usually take Sunday off altogether, except to check in for a spin or two.

Theorem Surveys have been my bread and butter. Most of them are very profitable for me. I have easily earned more than 300,000 coins doing surveys these past three weeks. I also hear that the CPX surveys are great, but they will not let me participate because the first time I tried one, I gave a one-word response, when the instructions said to give details. Oops. I was banned for 90 days on that one. The point is, be as honest as you can and read the directions carefully on the questions. You cannot just put random stuff.

That’s it, other than a few referrals I have picked up here and there. I actually got my wife playing and she enjoys the surveys and games. You can earn lifetime coins from your referrals.

What I Haven’t Done:

I have not spent any money, nor do I plan to.  There are games that you can upload and spend lots of money on. I would suggest that you be careful with these. I steer clear of them.

I do not gamble. They have a gambling option, but this isn’t my thing. I think the house would ultimately win anyway, but its an option for those who like the thrill.

I have not completed any offers that involved money, although there are some that are definitely legit. For example, they have been running a promo to sign up for Disney Plus. This rewards about 68,000 coins. Too bad I already have Disney Plus. There is another game I have my eye on that costs about $12, but it will reward me with about $15 worth of coins, just for signing up.

The coins are Satoshi. Yet, they are stabilized by the US dollar on the site. Therefore, even if the markets change, your earnings are constant. You can withdraw as soon as you earn 30,000 coins (about $3).

That’s it. This is just my experience. There are many other activities and options on the site including some new stuff I plan to try out. Well, it looks like it’s time for me to spin the faucet again. Let’s see how I do....

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