Coinbase is Giving Away Free Bitcoin this Week

By The Lynx | Crypto Lynx | 21 Sep 2021

Coinbase is giving away 1.5 million in Bitcoin for qualified referrals this week. If you have an account, try to get a qualified referral between now and September 26th. To be considered qualified, your referral must set up their account and buy or sell a $100 or more worth of crypto. You also have to "opt in" to the promotion once you login to your account.

Just how much BTC will that actually be? Of course, that depends on how many qualified referrals occur during that time. We are looking at about five days, so let’s do a bit of math. Coinbase is getting more than 42,000 new accounts per day (this is an old stat from 2017). How many of these are qualified? I did some research, but came up with nothing. Therefore, we must take a guess. I will say ½. It probably will not be that many qualified in this short span of time, even if they qualify later. Now let’s say that this push increases the new account signees to 50,000 per day and half of those end up qualified within the next five days. That would be 125,000 new qualified accounts that would be splitting the 1.5 million in BTC. That works out to be about $12 per referral. This isn’t actually that much when you consider that they normally run a $10 promotion for qualified referrals. However, I learned that this is in addition to the $10 you normally get for referrals.

I do feel like my estimate is high. If so, the actually amount would be more than $12 in BTC.

Either way, if you have Coinbase, you should see if you can get some new qualified referrals. Besides, if you haven’t checked on your account in a while, you will find that Coinbase has added some new cryptos. There are also new educational opportunities in which you can earn free crypto. I think that I have earned about $100 in free crypto so far with their learn and earn program.

If you aren’t familiar with it, here is how it works: When a new cryptocurrency is listed on Coinbase, sometimes they offer educational videos to be viewed. Each short video has a quiz question. Once you get the right answer, you get paid in that currency. It usually $1 per short video, but some are more. And don't worry, if you miss the question, you get another chance.

If you don’t have an account, sign up here. You will also get $10 for signing up. Hey, trade $100 worth of crypto and I will let you know how much of that 1.5 million in BTC I get 😊. Coinbase may not be the place for serious or advanced traders, but everybody likes free crypto, right?

The Lynx

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