Plot twist: Behind BTC drop

Behind BTC drop: The hash rate

By Andrei IbSoul | Rumors | 27 Apr 2021

Correlation between hash rate and price?





     For begginers, let start with the hashrate and the idea itself.


First, Bitcoin is a Proof of Work ("a necessary part of adding new blocks to the Bitcoin blockchain. Blocks are summoned to life by miners, the players in the ecosystem who execute proof-of-work"). 

     In short terms, "it is mined". To avoid making it a long unnecessary story, let's get to the main point:


   Bitcoin Hashrate is probably one of the most important components of the blockchain. Bitcoin Hashrate, in a few words, it's the power of solving mathematical operation for security purposes.

                                                   Bingo! The higher the hashrate, the more secure is the network, the price is bigger.

                                                                      This is the graphic comparison between BTC/HASHRATE:



                                  The moment the hashrate falls, the network became less secured.

            And for those who are moving the price and are taking every detail into cosideration, it was the perfect moment for an exit. The price followed the hashrate, it is a strong conexion between the hashrate and the price. The site of the graphic attached is down here, analyse it precisely and consider it a reason, beside the political reasons.

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Andrei IbSoul
Andrei IbSoul

- What do you see here? - The future!! - But it is just crypto... - I know!


I am not a conspirationist myself, but I am open to rumors in general. BTC was a rumor one-day. Be open minded in general, you never know. I was skeptical buying EGLD at 7$...bought at 27$, but still sad (:

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