Is it love or something else?

By RubySpinSpin | Ruby's Short Stories | 17 Apr 2022




*This is not a love story it's more of a mystery*




Carmen Lee that's me, a stuck in a rut 27-year-old waitress that owns one thing in her life. Her house, but that is only because my parent's left it to me when they passed. A three-story farmhouse, with 5 acres of land and a barn. We never had any animals to take care of or any crops to tend to, it was just us. I never understood why we never sold the farm and moved, according to my father, " This here is our land and ain't nobody stepping foot on our treasure."

My father was a strict but happy man for the most part, I mean he had he quirks for sure and plenty of rules that were never broken but he was always sweet to me and momma. Momma was a lovely and kindhearted Southern Belle, that always smelled of Honeysuckle even when they weren't in season. Every year at our town festival momma would make the best apple crumble pie in town and win the contest. I on the other hand was like my daddy. We kept to ourselves never really interacted with the people in town and when we did it was because momma made us.

Daddy was a loner type which made him perfect for momma who was quite outgoing and friendly. He was tall, quiet, rough, and only had one bag with him when he walked into town. She said the day he came into Joe's Diner where she was working that was the day she started really living. Momma loved the town so they would help out with different charities and events. They even made daddy an honorary cop for a few missing people cases since he helped out so much, they almost came close to catching the person responsible but never did. 

Since we had so much land and momma had me in the middle of the kidnappings my parents were very protective of me. I was homeschooled most of my life and didn't have many friends because of it. Whenever we did go into town people new me and let me play with their kids but that was because I was the daughter of the famous Southern Belle. They also felt bad for the weird girl with no friends, but I had momma and daddy, so I was fine. I had the perfect life up until the crash when they died.

Since I was nineteen, I was legally an adult so after the funeral I returned to an empty house with a car trunk filled with casseroles and I'm sorry for your loss cake. I never realized how alone in the world I was until that day, no other family to even think of. Years went by and I still couldn't find the strength to go through their things or even step into their room. I guess you could say that I never fully delt with them passing. How could I they were all I knew, my whole world.

I got a dog for my twenty-first birthday, a sweet golden retriever puppy and named him Max. Max stayed by my side everywhere I went. As long as I had Max I had no worries, my world was complete again. Once I started going into town more, I got a job in the same diner momma worked at. The owner Donna was momma's best friend and said that I reminded her of momma, so she nicknamed me Lil Belle.

Even though I am happy I have a job, punching a clock at a diner doesn't feel like my life. I want to travel and see the world. Not to mention all the different foods there are for me and Max to try.  Every day was the same calm, peaceful and full of dreaming. One day I might sell that farm, one day me and Max will travel.

For now, it's off to work at Joe's Diner. Waitressing definitely is not my future but it's paying the bills for now so I'm ok. Today is like any other day. Bright and sunny, filled with random conversation. Then all at once my world flipped upside down. 

Right in the middle of my shift I notice a shadow walking across the window. Who is this mystery man standing outside?





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Ruby's Short Stories

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