Crypto Jobs & Formal Jobs: Key Market Insights

By Roney Laurent | roneylaurent | 8 Aug 2021

We can see some volatility in the market with technological advances, professions have changed, and new business models are being created year after year. Some insights below will guide us through the details of crypto jobs and formal jobs. Read on, send your tip and comment at the end. Enjoy!


The blockchain technology is an immutable ledger that allows smart contracts, payments, transactions, records, and many other things to be developed. Blockchain makes it easier for new professionals take advantage of opportunities with the advancement of technology and stand out from others. The blockchain is very present in the lives of some professionals and companies, in addition, it contributes to more transparency and security.

A technology that creates many opportunities for work and innovation in the world. Certainly, blockchain technology emerged as the transformation of the century. It is changing the way many things are happening, large corporations and universities are studying the application of the blockchain in various fields and sectors.



Cryptocurrencies are very useful for professionals looking to venture into crypto jobs around the world. They have an experimenter profile, believe in the disruptive potential of cryptocurrencies, and perceive interesting opportunities that some cryptocurrencies fundamentally provide.

In this way, the advancement of means of payment allowed people to have the power of choice, being able to decide the currency they want to receive for the performance of their work. Thus, we can identify a great popularity in the market, and this drive other companies and markets to adopt alternative payment methods to conventional ones.


Decentralized Finances (DeFi)

The great boom of decentralized finance (DeFi) has caused new businesses to be created, so perhaps the traditional market has been harmed due to the great demand for professionals in technology companies, specifically, with experience in decentralized finance.

Business models based on decentralized finance are increasingly popular, of course, you should look at reputation and study and understand the risks before taking any rash action. Get to know the concepts, seek knowledge from reliable sources and know that it is a very promising market and even if there are risks, you can take advantage of something very innovative.


Remote Work 

Clearly, the professional who is used to working remotely has more flexibility to perform tasks and a schedule that also allows for more time with the family. Obviously, there are many companies that continue with the traditional office model. But some data indicate that over 18% of tech companies are choosing to work remotely. In this way, we can see that there are some benefits of working remotely. Receiving cryptocurrencies as payment must be even better! 

Remote work also contributes to the professional becoming more independent, responsible and participative. After all, he needs to seek information from other employees in order to perform his work more assertively. Professionals who have experience with remote work can organize their routine, even if they have some difficulties, they can achieve all goals if they have a clear purpose. See the chart below for some benefits of remote jobs.

With my experience, we can say that remote work is very interesting, contributes to more professionalism, creative intelligence and allows for greater freedom. Remembering that it is not something very simple and quiet for people who are not used to it. We must emphasize that it is important to create a personal organizer, tidy up your schedule, prioritize urgent tasks and speed up without losing quality.


Web 3.0 

The way we used the internet a few years ago has changed, the big big techs like Yahoo, for example, are losing their notoriety to open source, decentralized projects based on the tokenization economy. In this way, the entire job market is being restructured.

In the course of technological advances, after the emergence of Bitcoin, decentralized technologies began to become popular and the use of applications and solutions over the internet is more a part of our lives than ever. The first browsers were part of Web 1.0 that acted more like a website reader in a very rudimentary way. People only consumed content back then and interaction levels were very low or even non-existent. So, with the emergence of web 2.0, it became the evolution and people could consume and interact, and allowed the user to be a content producer.

In the case of web 3.0, it transformed the entire reality of web applications and redefined many terms in a more decentralized and open source way. Thus, web 3.0 sought to reduce vulnerabilities by removing the central points of failure and helping to return people's privacy.


The Difference Between: Crypto Jobs and Formal Jobs

Generally, companies that pay in crypto are remotely friendly, they care a lot about results and the best solutions. They seek to achieve ambitious goals and believe that quality and alignment with employees in a decentralized manner is important.

So, everyone can do their best from anywhere in the world, receiving the currency they want. The professional's power of choice becomes greater, even if he has to face several challenges ahead. Thus, we can see that the search for job openings in technology startups and those involved with the cryptocurrency market is growing exponentially.

In the case of companies with a more formal and traditionalist profile, they still prefer face-to-face meetings, work hours at the office and also have aggressive goals (just like startups in the crypto world). But we would like to emphasize that the freedom provided by remote work is not different from formal work, after all, in both cases it requires a lot of responsibility and commitment.

Therefore, never forget to seek experiences in various professional fields that can add something positively to your professional growth. Their experiences provide irreversible learning that can transform their perception of the business.

The Most Searched Professions for the Companies

Obviously there are many opportunities for different professionals with diverse objectives and specialties, but some positions are generally more requested in companies. See below some of them and feel free to send your comment at the end.

  • Social Media Manager - Specialist in social media management, content creation for online media and knowledge of publishing platforms and communities. Has skills with persuasive texts, creation, advertising, idealization, execution and measurement of content and data. 
  • Programmers - Has knowledge of advanced computer and information science, computing languages and algorithms. Also, generally understands applications, software and web platforms. He understands a lot about technology and business on the web. A required profile in various business models.
  • Software Engineers - The software engineer works in the development of computer programs, has a profile of a scholar about innovation and science to ensure greater performance and productivity in the sectors of the economy. In addition to designing and testing new programs, the software engineer is responsible for maintaining, reviewing and updating them.
  • Smart Contract Engineer - A professional skilled that plays a key role in smart contract executions and their usage. The ideal should be a self-starter and quick learner with experience in designing and implementing a decentralized application. Generally, you will join a remote work principle and lifestyle that prioritizes online communication.
  • Administrator - The administrator performs the role of the administrative sector in a company or public or private organization. Academically, he holds a bachelor's degree in Management Science and seeks to help ensure that everything works correctly internally.

How to Get a Job That Pay With Cryptocurrencies

Nowadays, there are many ways to get a job that is trustworthy and that actually delivers on its promises. You really need to conduct research and fully understand how you can solve business problems with the best solution.

We always seek to recommend the best opportunities in the most recognized and trustworthy startups in the cryptocurrency market. Our commitment is to help you find your dream crypto job and succeed in your area of expertise. Learn more here! 

The Importance To Be An Active Learner

In this way, we are committed to contributing to your knowledge journey and making you realize the enormous potential of working in startups and global technology, blockchain and cryptocurrency companies.

Constantly seek knowledge, study and be curious, so you will know how to absorb it and put it into practice (with our help of course). Take this tip and understand that even in formal work or crypto jobs, you can always learn something new and discover a new passion that can become your profession. Knowledge is yours and no one can take it from you!

The Profile of Companies that Pay in Bitcoin

Currently, we can see that companies that prefer to pay their employees in cryptocurrencies have a younger, cool and innovative profile. Furthermore, they have a more decentralized way of organizing.

Working in the technology market specifically is increasingly in the dress code, but that doesn't change that the responsibilities and aggressive goals remain the same. Therefore, it is worth studying the profile of the company you want to apply for to understand if it is aligned with your expectations and career goals.

Insights into the Future of Work

We can understand and realize that the future of work is very much linked to the possibility of people working from anywhere in the world. In addition, knowledge of the financial and cryptocurrency markets allows you to have a broader and more organized view of personal finance and how to create an emergency store of value. The possibilities of doing business on the web are increasingly diverse, there are numerous areas of activity in the digital market, for example.

Michelle Schneider is an advertiser, DJ, marathon runner and currently serves as Sales Industry Leader at TikTok. She said:

“In a future where machines will replace half of the global workforce, how will professionals manage to differentiate themselves from machines and remain human in such a digital world.” (adapted translation from Portuguese)

Some skills needed for the professional of the future:

  • Solving Complex Problems;
  • Critical Thinking;
  • Creativity;
  • Leadership and People Management;
  • Teamwork;
  • Emotional Intelligence;
  • Judgment and Decision Making;
  • Service Oriented;
  • Negotiation;
  • Cognitive Flexibility.
What To Finish About Crypto Jobs

We conclude this article by saying that professionals who are experts in the crypto asset's market are essential for a greater presence of transformers in a market in constant innovation and optimization.

Know that you can always find the opportunity that has an affinity with your professional profile. Never give up seeking knowledge and delving into the possibilities of cryptoeconomics. Stay tuned to our content to learn how to win the best crypto jobs on the market! 

Thanks for your attention.


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