Who is Eli Spiral?
Who is Eli Spiral?

We go into the minds of artists and explore how they navigate the wonderful world of music. 

Can you give us some background about yourself, origin, years in industry, what drives you to succeed in the music industry?

ES: I have a long 20 year history with the music industry in different forms. As a DJ, Producer, Bass Guitarist, Promoter, Label Manager, Booking Agent, and everything in between. I have always been drawn to the underground where creativity and exploration is encouraged. After all these years I still feel a deep drive to express myself through music. To continue learning and growing in the creative process. Eli Spiral is my latest project focusing on deep hypnotic progressive.

Life and work, with the hours required, is it a challenge and how do you navigate to find your ideal balance? 

ES: It is certainly a challenge to balance a music career in the underground with a healthy life at home and at work. I’ve spent countless late nights in the studio and on the road. For me, I try to make sure that when I enter the creative space I am able to devote myself completely to the process. It’s like a form of meditation, tuning out all the background noise and focusing your energy on a single point.

Is there any development of talent in the Boulder/Denver underground music scene and who are some of the new up and coming producers to watch out for?

ES: I have been working with my friends DYNOHUNTER here in Boulder. A super talented trio performing Live Techno/House and making big waves in the US festival circuit. We have collaborations released on Mistique Music (UK) & Clinique Recordings (Russia) with more to come soon.

Full interview can be found online at Iconic Underground Magazine 

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