The Perfect Artist Profile

The Perfect Artist Profile

Welcome to the new improved Viberate. They present comprehensive artist profiles including everything that matters: from basic information and social media links to photos, videos, track previews, gig dates, and even ticket links. Viberate is a service that joins artists, venues, events, and festivals in the first truly global music network.


Benefits for Artists

  1. Reach out to fans and pros
    Showcase your latest stuff & get discovered by the people that matter.

  2. Forget the one-pager. There’s a better way to present your music
    Send your up-to-date Viberate profile to promoters, talent scouts and A&Rs.

  3. Get gigs in front of new crowds
    Find venues that you didn’t know they existed.

  4. Take your music career to the next level
    Find new artists to collaborate with, learn from & get inspired by.


As the world's largest resource of reliable information on all things music, Viberate aims to literally map and standardize the entire global music ecosystem. Viberate analyzes billions of data points from streaming sites, social media, ticket vendors, and other important sources. By transforming this big data into valuable insights, they help music professionals and enthusiasts generate inspiration, track performance, showcase work, and look for exciting business opportunities.


Artists can search for their profile and claim it is already on the platform otherwise, they can simply create the profile adding all relevant links, and automagically the profile is populated accordingly in a clear precise pre-rendered layout. There is no fee from Viberate to host the profiles and it is a really good way for artists to showcase all their content in one place and elevate their brands.

Of course, Viberate is not advocating that the artist abandon other platforms, rather they augment the other platforms by aggregating all the content, so artists or their agents/managers can share one link with bookers. Furthermore, Viberate has a dynamic platform now to feature artists that stand out from the crowd each week in a section called "In the Spotlight", so as more and more promoters and bookers join the community it makes discovering new and emerging talent that much easier. 


Rewarding Contributors 

Viberate’s database is crowdsourced entirely by music enthusiasts. They have amassed 20,000 contributors worldwide in 160 countries that enter 5000+ data points daily, initially by incentivizing the contributors with the Viberate cryptocurrency the "VIB" in the early days, recently their strategy has shifted to a points system with more tangible rewards from merch to gift cards and opportunities to win other prizes, with multiple tiers as shown below.

1st to 3rd place

  • $60 gift card (streaming services, Amazon, etc, …)
  • Viberate Hoodie
  • Viberate Backpack
  • Viberate T-Shirt
  • Viberate Cap
  • Event tickets by a winners choice (max value $60)
  • VIB coin (value $60 )


For fans as well the same applies, as they can search for artists, events, festivals or venues by country, city or music genre. All this innovative use of bug data makes huge sense moving forward as the music industry has become 100 x more competitive and it is indeed a challenge for artists to carve a niche and stand out from the rest. Talent and charisma play a massive role also in artists marketability but so does the use of technology to connect with the right people more directly where it matters. 

Stay tuned for other posts with key aspects of the music industry and how the ecosystem is shaping in 2020 and beyond. For some epic weekend sonic relief, check out our Mixcloud channel with 680+ guest mixes from deep house to techno and multiple genres in between.

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RONDO = Music + Blockchain + Crypto

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