breaking the false beliefs in life

By nguyenhieu | Ronanhieu | 12 May 2020

What is faith? Why faith is important and why we should care. 
When people think of faith, most people think of religion as Buddhism, Christianity, Christianity or any other religion, while in the most naked sense, beliefs are principles. The basic, essential principles in life that guide and give us advice and guide us to life's passions. When we have faith, we understand the meaning of life and help us know the direction in life. - The quality of life is determined by the quality of belief. The right belief will lead you to a fulfilling, happy life. Quality or false beliefs will lead you to a life of misery and suffering.

Trust is a very solid feeling of each person, including me and you about something very specific. If you feel sure you're a smart, capable, quick and resourceful learner then your words and actions are different from others. You will always tell yourself "I'm smart, I'm resourceful and I will do this. . . "And as a result you will do it.

A Harvard University study has also shown that beliefs that help patients recover faster and take medication will also be much more effective than patients who do not believe in the effectiveness of the drug. . Belief helps to make the immune system stronger, encourage us to act, or it can also eliminate our energy. Therefore, in life, forming the right beliefs plays an important role and eliminating wrong beliefs to reduce wrong is also an action that you MUST DO.

The right belief will lead to the right decisions and also because 80% of our lives are governed by decisions. The right decision will bring you a right life, the wrong decision will bring you a wrong life. And decisions come from our beliefs. By changing false beliefs, you can change the action and you will succeed.


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