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By Ronan | Ronan | 7 Jan 2022

⚖️ Intelligence Prime Capital (IPC) 🚀 Trading Robot ⚖️

📊 Risk: Medium (because large return, it is always a little more suspicious) 

💰 Personal start-up capital: $ 500-1000 |   Minimum: $ 100 + $ 50 (1x lifetime license - Christmas promotion)

🛣 Profitability: Short / medium term

🌐 Deposit: USDT (TRC20) possible

🏧 Withdrawal: The same means

📉 Monthly interest rate : 30% - 45% as target

👥 Referral system: This opportunity offers you 10% of the deposit of your referrals + 10% of the value of the referral's license purchase.

📊 Objective: Invest, withdraw our initial capital as soon as possible, and then let the interests run. See this as a leveraging effect of capital.

(It is the broker who directly offers this bot)

NOTE: The broker offers 2 other bots, which I will not talk about since the maximum deposit is $ 300 for the first and $ 1,000 for the second.

🟢 General characteristics of the bot and the strategy: 🟢

• Genius has a monthly profit target of between 30 and 45%.

• A bit like Ovniscalp, It trades in scalping mode (no martingale, latency, or other), and only opens one position at a time.

• On average, 3 to 4 trades per day, on all pairs (no limitation).

• With a success rate of over 90%, it almost guarantees a daily gain at the end of the day.

• And if this is not the case, its security function allows it to limit the loss to 1% of the capital.

• Indeed, for each deposit, 20% are allocated.

🟢 Works on Broker Intelligence Prime Capital 🟢

• Security of funds as regulated by FINTRAC (Canada) See details on the FINTRAC register here 👈

• Transparency as a FinCEN licensee.

• Trading on Forex and Gold.

🟢 Main basic features 🟢

• Monthly average of 40%.

• Maximum drawdown of 1%. (then cut off the trade)

• Minimum capital of $ 100.

• Capital controls. (you can withdraw at any time)

💰 Remuneration of the robot developers 💰

• License valid for one year at $ 100.

• 20% on the winnings automatically withdrawn every Saturday. (profit sharing)

PS: The bot was released to the market in September 2021

To register (very easily), click here : https://member.iprimecapital.com/Account/IndividualRegistration?referrerNumber=IB121386&referrerLinkType=1

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