RollerCoin descriptions!



Let's start from the beginning.


What greets us when we enter the Rollercoin website??



(From Left to Right)


  • Wallet: Here we can check our collected Cryptons.
  • Home: Takes us back to the currently visible home screen.
  • Shop: We can buy various items here. Miners, components, seasonal miners, etc.
  • Games: Here we can play mini-games to pass the time and earn mining power. (some parts have already been developed)
  • E-Pass: We can view our current Season Pass and see our daily missions.
  • Marketplace: Here we can buy and sell miners and components.
  • Storage: It has three main parts.
  •      Merge: Here we can merge components into higher levels and upgrade our miners.
  •      Inventory: It shows the currently owned components and miners not placed in the room.
  •      Collection: It shows our acquired miners.


(From top to bottom)


  E-Pass: Current Status of Event Pass

  Electricity: Remaining charge that miners use currently.

  My-Power: The mining power that you currently possess.

  Network Power: The current mining power of all Rollercoin players.

  Block reward: The currently mined block and your share of it.


Missions: The list of currently active, unfulfilled missions.


There are two main parts: Daily and Weekly missions.



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