Welcome to Rollercoin! - It's Christmas Time!

Welcome to Rollercoin! - It's Christmas Time!

By KikeBast | Rollercoin by KikeBast | 1 Jan 2021

Happy new year! I wanted to introduce a webpage that acts as a online bitcoin mining simulator that can be very useful for you to work. 

Rollercoin as a way to earn Bitcoin, DOGE and ETH

How it works? - Playing games!

It is really easy to use. You have two different options to earn mining power that allow you to increase the amount of satoshis that you can earn: you can invest and buy "miners" (that last forever) or you can play minigames. Nevertheless, this second option does not last forever: after 24h you lose your power mining. But if you play a lot, you can increase the time your mining power won in game last (if you win 60 games, your mining power last 7 days). You can choose between 10 different games that will give you different mining power: if you play more, your reward will increase !! You earn rewards every 5 minutes!!

You can choose between 10 different games to increase you reward!

Investing in Rollercoin

If you don't want to expend time in playing, you can buy miners as said before. You can buy miners by two options: spending satoshis that you win in the game or buying the in-game token (RLT). Think about investing, as if you can do it, it increases a lot your rewards. Nevertheless, I recommend to invest when there are discounts, as now in Christmas time.

You can choose between different miners

Christmas time and my personal situation

To end up with this first post, during Christmas time Rollercoin is giving us RLT for free! You can obtain your reward once a day, so it is a very good opportunity to join Rollercoin. I want to finally this pot with my dashboard, I've bought two miners as now you have 25% off in all your purchases. I hope this post can help you, and I finish with the link on which you can register (and help me too :).

Join Rollercoin now!: https://rollercoin.com/?r=kbgk9vxq 

My dashboard :)


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Rollercoin by KikeBast
Rollercoin by KikeBast

Here I will explain how Rollercoin webpage works and every update that the game will add in the future !

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