RollerCoin Easter Event | New Miners, New Game, and New Lootbox

By labrinth | RollerCoin Blog | 15 Apr 2022

RollerCoin celebrating easter by launching a lot of new features, content, quality of life and much more! To play RollerCoin click here!

New Limited Miners



As usual, where there is a popular holiday, there is a limited edition miner that comes along with it. This time it is the Fluffy-Miner with 550.000 GH/s and 3%+ Collection Bonus. There is only 2000 mint of the miner and each account can only purchase up to 10 miners. You can get one with the cost of 150 RLT.

Happy Easter Miner


There is also another miner available for purchase called Happy Easter on the Miners tab of the store. With 80.000 GH/s for 30 RLT. 


Chainers New Game

RollerCoin in collaboratin with Chainers made a 3D game with an interesting game mechanic for you to gain rewards and mining power.



8BitIcon NFTs

RollerCoin collaborates with 8BitIcon to bring you NFTs that you can use for your profile picture in RollerCoin. The collaboration comes with rewards, bonuses and a miner when you purchase the 8BitIcon NFT. Each NFT will cost you 0.05 ETH or around $150. 

The miner you can get is the JPEGcoolector, example shown below:


New Lootbox

Ancient Myths Community Case

Similar to last season pass, this season pass adds a new limited lootbox with the max quantity of 10,000 cases. This time, the cases are made by the community members through a competition that was done a few months back. 



Quality of Life Changes

Ban Waves

RollerCoin is trying to prevent unfair play by banning over 2,000 bot accounts. Moving forward, RollerCoin will continue to take actions against fake accounts that damages fair play and the reward system.

Updates on FAQ page

FAQ page has been updated to better fit RollerCoin's new systems and features. There are clues that will help new players figure things out.

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