5 Warnings After Playing 3000 Games in Rollercoin


Recently I have found a site named Rollercoin, which you can find here. Put simply, you play games to earn power which in turn earns you the choices of BTC, ETH, or DOGE. With its interesting model of being a site in where you can purchase virtual miners to mine for you, I decided to play 3000 games over the course of 7 days to see if it was truly profitable. Here is 5 things I learned after.




1. The games, get so, so dull


Day 1: 372 Games Played 

Day 2: 398 Games Played

Day 3: 467 Games Played 

Day 4: 402 Games Played

Day 5: 389 Games Played

Day 6: 357 Games Played 

Day 7: 358 Games Played

Total games: 2743 Total Games Played

Given that each game takes around 1min to play:

45 Hours worth of games were played over this 7 Day period


Now that is a insane amount of games, and to be honest with you it took a lot of willpower to be able to play 500 games of a flappy bird spin off.  I had to make sure that when I began my "Rollercoin Session" I had to be in an almost mindless state or else I would get bored out of my mind. After a few hundred games, the whole process just dries up. It becomes repetitive and it almost feels like laborwork. I don't recommend starting the whole process without being willing to invest the insane amount of time to turn a profit.

2. Get Used To This Screen


Upon completion of each game, you are met with this dreadful loading screen. I am not sure what the point of it is really but anyone that is frequent on this site will feel the same way I do when I say fuck this screen. In order to receive your reward you are required to go through this screen, and sometimes it will continue to cycle endlessly and force you to restart, although it may be an individual side issue, it is still annoying and inconvenient having to restart Difficulty 10 Token Blaster after completing it. 

3. Server Difficulty 


Servers can be congested, that is a problem websites like these often have, especially with its recent surge in popularity. Although it is not a deal breaking issue, in very busy times for the website, you can be stuck on this loading screen for 5-10 minutes. Sometimes a simple refresh is the answer, sometimes it isn't, but either way you'll be watching this cute hamster spinning his coin.

4. Power Decay Is a b****


Although I can partly blame this one on myself for not reading into it carefully. Be wary that after 7 days (Or depending on which virtual computer you own) the power that you earned from playing will decay, it will hit you and it will hit hard. After losing a lot of my drive, I was met with this dire problem where after your set period of grace days of your power, it seems that every game that I played I was actually losing power, it is demoralizing and it added a few sprinkles of salt to my wound.

5. Miners Are Simply Not Worth It

This was best explained by Khazrakh here on Publish0x.

"The cheapest rig is 4696 Satoshi. You get a computing power of 1160 GH/s for that.
I currently have a hash rate of 39,160 GH/s - that makes me earn 0.09 Satoshi every 5 minutes.
If we ignore the fact that there's a ceiling of 9,000 Satoshi and just go with linear growth, that would mean that 1160 GH/s more would increase that value by 0,0027 Satoshi every 5 minutes.
So, in order to make our investment back, it would only take us about 1,739,259 blocks - that's going to take about 16.5 years to happen..."

If you ever played as many games as I did to purchase one miner, you can easily see how small of a dent it made. 


Closing Statement: 

At first I really did enjoy earning through playing those simple games, and I was very interested in their idea and was motivated to earn money just like anyone else would be. What motivates me to play now is the fact that I spent money on it and also the thought of more features being implemented into the website. 


If you are interested in trying it out, click here


Leave a comment down below with any questions and I'll be sure to get back to all of you. 


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Rollercoin - A Virtual Bitcoin Mining Simulator
Rollercoin - A Virtual Bitcoin Mining Simulator

An introduction into Rollercoin, a website where people can play games and purchase virtual miners in order to mine bitcoin.

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