What's Being Pumped On PTC Ads, 5/7/23

On the journey of free crypto, there are many advertisements. Let's face it: crypto faucets nowadays are essentially advertising platforms. For some of us, it's more about the crypto but we still have to see the ads -- no matter how much you pretend not to pay attention and just focus on where that "x" will appear so you can collect the reward. Anyway, I figured it would be interesting and maybe even educational to keep a closer tab on what exactly is being pumped on the crypto faucet advertising platforms. After all, sometimes something worthwhile pops up.

Crypto Tokens

I would actually be pretty concerned if crypto projects were not being advertised, as the developers would be missing a crucial demographic -- crypto users themselves! Anyway, I usually always see a lot of different tokens. They usually always follow the same formula: buy the pre-sale, yada yada yada. You probably know the drill too. Tonight, I was implored to buy:

  • Floki
  • Swaprum

Of the aforementioned tokens, Swaprum was offered to me via airdrop if only I were to connect a wallet. No thanks, I'm good!

"Mining" Sites

I'm sure many of you have seen these "mining" sites advertised, where you are asked to deposit the crypto you will apparently be "mining" in exchange for a daily return. Come on! Do people actually fall for these? I guess so, because they keep looking for new suckers every day. Make no mistake about it: this is not how cryptocurrency mining all. Beware of the following:


App Games

Perhaps the least harmful of the advertisements are the games that are pitched. Obviously, there are a lot of scams -- for example, the games that claim to pay you $100 for downloading and playing for an hour. Those are definitely must-avoids. But then there are those genuine honest ads that are just trying to get people to play their games. "Obby Parkour" looks pretty entertaining. Will I download it? No, but I can appreciate the user-created Roblox experience.


The original Bitcoin faucet is long gone, but there are still ways to collect some free crypto:
  • Sign up here on Publish0x, if you haven't already, to earn free crypto for reading & writing content
  • Join Cointiply and roll the faucet every hour, view PTC ads, take surveys to earn free Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, or Dash
  • Downoad the Bitcoin Cash Giveaway to collect some free BCH sats, paid out weekly
  • Check out Yescoiner to easily collect some satoshis; no nonsense -- just solve a captcha. Low payout, slow drip here
  • Final AutoClaim is another facuet-style site that offers payouts in 74 different coins
  • For an entertaining, off-the-wall faucet, check out Crypto Junkie. Great for accumulating SPACE and SHIB
  • Play Gemly, a P2E game, and earn payouts in BTC, Litecoin, BNB, Tether, Tron, and Dogecoin.
  • For rewards in XNO and BTC, check out TipNano app.

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