Thrift Store Record Hunt #1 - Chubby Checker

One of my favorite hobbies is collecting vinyl. I love music and always have, from an early age. All those car rides with my parents playing their favorite cassettes, and later CDs, left their mark. My taste in music is fairly eclectic; I like pretty much everything. I like to think I'm "hip" but I simply don't do streaming sevices for music. I prefer FM radio, CDs, cassettes, and vinyl.

It's only fitting that I've started collecting records in the past few years. Anyone can buy any record, thanks to specialty music stores and online shopping. But I prefer to find mine "in the wild" -- at thrift stores, yard sales, and estate sales. It's more fun sorting through piles and bins, and it's also much cheaper.

So, much to my delight, I found an absolute gem at a local Goodwill store for only $1.


Chubby Checker - Your Twist Party with the King of Twist (1962)


I was very impressed with the condition of this record. Most used records suffer from split spines, extremely worn jackets, and scratched up discs. I didn't even have to clean this one. A simple blow and quick wipe with a clean cloth did the trick.


It sounded great, with very few imperfections. In fact, I don't think I've ever found a record from the Goodwill in such good condition. The spine is so nice that the text on the side is perfectly legible.


Your Twist Party is not a particularly rare or valuable record, as evident by recent eBay sales:


Even if this is only a $5-10 record, that's 5x-10x what I paid for it! The value to me is the enjoyment of timeless music, the hunt for more, and building & sharing my collection.

Did you know that Chubby Checker is still alive? He's 81 years young and still performing live. His next show is scheduled for March 3, 2023 in Akron, Ohio. Long live the King of Twist!

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