Origin Materials May Actually Secure a Tesla Partnership

Origin Materials bills itself as "the world's leading carbon negative materials company." The company has developed a proprietary tech platform that converts biomass into useful materials, capturing carbon in the process. Their mission is "to enable the world's transition to sustainable materials." Their process eliminates the need for fossil fuels in the chemical industry.

Tesla's mission statement is "to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy." They not only manufacture all-electric vehicles but also clean energy generation and storage products. Their belief is "the faster the world stops relying on fossil fuels and moves towards a zero-emission future, the better."

Former Global Head of M&A at Credit Suisse Boon Sim, whose special purpose acquisition company brought Origin public in June 2021 through a reverse merger, said of the company: "This is not a niche product. This could be the Tesla of materials companies.” Now, perhaps that is a fleeting connection. But there is somewhat more concrete evidence that indicates a partnership makes sense. Speculators pointed to the original Artius investor presentation, which contains an image of a Tesla Model S. The slide is showing use cases for the materials that Origin makes:


Specifically, through a partnership with Ford, Origin has launched a Net Zero Automotive Program. Its drop-in ready PET plastic has a wide array of automotive uses that would be beneficial to any auto manufacturer, specifically Tesla.

PET plastic helps make cars lighter, more fuel efficient, and often comprise a large percentage of a vehicle’s mass. The use of carbon-negative PET is expected to further reduce emissions and the need for fossil resources. In addition, the companies will collaborate to develop sustainable pigments and fillers for automotive applications for SUVs, trucks, electric vehicles, and more. The products will be developed using carbon negative materials produced with the Origin Materials technology platform, with applications throughout the interior and exterior of the vehicle, including bumpers, paint pigment, door panels, tire filler, underbonnet foam sheet, black plastic, head rests, seat cushions, and arm rests.

Plastikon supplies petrochemical-based plastic components to Tesla. It would make sense that a company who wants to quickly eliminate the need for fossil fuels switch to plastic that doesn't require oil.

Finally, and keep your foil hat on for this one, a Tesla director "liked" the post of today's PR - announcing the partnership with ATC Plastics to Bring 100% Bio-Content Carbon Black to the Plastics Industry:


I'm not saying that an Origin Materials/Tesla partnership is definitely in the works, based on the above. What I'm saying is that it makes sense and would be beneficial for both companies, strategically and in order for each to take significant steps toward their mission statements.



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