Origin Materials: Commissioning Underway in Sarnia?

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Commissioning Underway?

Good evening; today we have stumbled upon some new information via a LinkedIn search. What we have here is a relatively new employee to Origin Materials, revealing in their profile resume that they are working on commissioning and start-up activities at the Origin 1 facility in Sarnia, Ontario.


You can see that this person is experienced and skilled in the commissioning and start-up of chemical plants:


And finally, they have posted (perhaps) a foreshadowing of this to come?


Mechanical completion is listed as a goal by the end of 2022, along with commissioning and start-up:


Many are clamoring for a press release that would make the news official. It stands to reason that, if indeed commissioning is underway, the plant must already be "mechanically completed" -- all components and systems of the project have been constructed, installed, and tested. It would seem, by the employee's LinkedIn profile, that things have been underway since November and everything is on schedule. An official release by the company would confirm the speculation.

CFO Exercises Stock Option, Sells

It was reported today in a Form 4 filing that Chief Financial Officer Nate Whaley has sold 50,000 shares that were acquired by exercising a stock option. The shares were sold in-line with a 10b5-1 plan, a pre-arranged trading plan. 

Q4 '22 Earnings Date

Mark your calendars for the first week of February. Around that time, the company should announce a date for their Q4 2022 Earnings Call. A press release containing the details will come out about two weeks before the actual conference call.

Support at $5 Holds Strong

The stock has been hovering above the $5 for the past three trading days. Despite the depressed price from last week, there still seems to be quite a bit of support at $5 -- as it briefly touches that level and has bounced off it every time the price hits that territory.


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