Obelisk Token: Hitting Dead Coin Status?

I first heard about the Obelisk Token right here on Publish0x by a fellow blogger. Here is a link to said post; just a simple summation of the white paper with all the necessary links. Being intrigued by the new project, I looked into it a bit. I received an airdrop, which I'm still hodling. Unfortunately, it seems that the Obelisk Token has hit "dead coin" status.

Currently, there are 1706 so-called "dead coins" according to 99BitCoins.com. These are marked by inactive development, lack of Twitter activity, low trading volume, not listed on exchanges, among other factors. 


It seems that, for now anyways, Obelisk Token has joined the ranks. With no activity on the Twitter page in 17 days and no transfers in the past 11 days, it's definitely at least asleep. I didn't really have much hope for this cryptocurrency as having an actual use-case or becoming even remotely popular, but I was interested in seeing how new crypto projects develop. It seems to me that Obelisk doesn't really have a clear roadmap to garner any interest from investors. 

Perhaps it is too soon to call it; tracking platforms typically consider a crypto "dead" if the trading volume is less than $1,000 in three months. Obelisk was just launched in July 2022. It remains on my watchlist, and I will continue to hodl the airdropped tokens should the project gain any interest from the crypto community. As always, nothing in this post should be taken as financial advice; it it just my intention to share my research and opinions. 

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