How Much SPOT Have You Accumulated?

SPOT was introduced here on Publish0x as the notorious third tipping token almost four months ago, to the date. A December 22, 2022 post introduced us all to the token and described it as "an inflation resistant store of value...pegged to the price of AMPL." Now, I've written that beggars can't be choosers, and I stick with that sentiment. But the conversation continues on what to do with SPOT.

In this post, I pose the question: how much have you accumulated? For me personally, I'm at 32.0472 SPOT and am still wondering what I will do with it.


It got me to thinking about taking a second look at SPOT and any new happenings.

Previously, I'd only looked at the SPOT website for any research. Not a bad start, but I never actually looked any further. Perhaps a mistake on my part, but I was never really too concerned with it as it was free crypto. So, I decided to have a look at the CoinMarketCap page to see if there were any rating or comments or anything else interesting.


Nothing really too exciting, still a very thinly traded coin. With a 24-hour trading volume of $136.86, it's no wonder that anyone still can't figure out what the hell to do with SPOT. It appears that the lone trading activity is happening on Uniswap v3. Which brings me back to the SPOT website, which I noticed has some new information on it. Well, it's new to me anyways (as it may have been on there for a few weeks/months now and I'm just noticing it). There is a now a link to purchase SPOT via Uniswap -

Also, there is a presentation which I have not seen before. Forgive me if it's not new to you (it was posted April 7th), here is a link to the deck.


SPOT bends, it doesn't break

Although the promise of stability forever is unrealistic, the prospect of long eras of stability (on the order of decades or even centuries) is very realistic, macroeconomically valuable, and now achievable.

SPOT is a responsibly-designed store of value built to support extremely long-lived periods of stability. The system “bends” safely rather than “breaking” catastrophically, and can forever resume its function without reliance on bailouts. SPOT can be held directly or rotated in as an alternative collateral asset to USDC within existing systems.

So, in addition to just accumulating here on P0x, here is something else you may do with your SPOT:

Provide SPOT Liquidity via SPOT/USDC pair


Anyway, this post has really gone off the rails from where I started. How much SPOT have you accumulated and what do you plan to do with it? If you aren't already sick of the question.

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