First P2P Transaction: Bitcoin for Stickers

Lest we forget, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer version of electronic cash. If that phrase sounds familiar to you, it is directly from the Bitcoin white paper. And that's exactly what it is: money. As far as transacting goes, my experience with that has been very limited. I've only ever sent sats to a friends, or once as a tip to a tow truck driver when my billfold was barren. I've written about how you can buy a sandwich with crypto, although I've never actually done it myself. That reminds me, I have to test that out (sounds like a job for Bitcoin Cash).

But anyways, back in January, I purchased a Bitcoin sticker from the artist known as Bitko Yinowsky as another trial of sorts to experience an exchange of goods for sats. Here is the outgoing transfer. The total for the one sticker and shipping was $6.00 I think -- 35,944 sats at the time.


Now let's fast forward three months. Obviously, there was a delay. I had almost completely forgotten about the order, to tell you the truth. The one time it did pop into my mind, I had just written it off as a loss and figured it was a farce. Well, let me be the first to tell you that ole' Bitko delivered...and then some! 


I am very grateful for the extra product, and those stickers are awesome! The miner bee is by far my favourite here! While I've yet to decide where I will put these, I am still in admiration of the designs and very pleased with the transaction overall, despite the delay. The stickers are legit and his 100% Bitcoin only shop also has some cool hats, buttons, and t-shirts.

So, in summation, just wanted to give a shoutout to Bitko Yinowsky for making my first P2P transaction on the Bitcoin Network an awesome first experience of exchanging sats for goods. Quality merchandise! So that's cool: Bitcoin for stickers.

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