Busta Rhymes Puts His Satoshis Where Your Eyes Can See

Busta Rhymes Puts His Satoshis Where Your Eyes Can See

In case you missed it yesterday, The B Word took the crypto world by storm. Billed as "How Institutions Can Embrace Bitcoin" -- the all virtual event featured several pre-recorded seminars and a live discussion.

The live discussion featured none other than Cathie Wood, Jack Dorsey, and Elon Musk discussion Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. While a lot of the discussions revolved around each speaker's respective companies and funds, there was quite a lot of information to digest. For one, Elon Musk personally owns Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. He stated that Bitcoin is his largest holding of the three. He admitted "while I pump, I don't dump" and emphasized his commitment to his holdings. It was also revealed that his SpaceX company is also holding Bitcoin. One of the more intriguing moments came when Musk proposed a dual-use space heater/mining node as an idea he had once proposed.

Now, for the funny part. A common theme the three panelist harped on is how Bitcoin can be used as a store of value, a place to put money where it can't be taken away by any entity. Remember, your keys -- your crypto. You own it.

So while the event was billed as how institutions can embrace Bitcoin, many individual investors and celebrities have opened their eyes to crypto. And the latest celebrity to embrace crypto is none other than legendary rapper Busta Rhymes:


According to his own tweet, what sold Busta was Musk's remark about government being the biggeay corporation and having a "monopoly on violence." So, as of today, you can put down Busta Rhymes as a hodler. Still waiting on the laser eyed profile picture.

The whole event came at moment when Bitcoin was once again facing serious selling pressure, dipping under the strong 30k support line. So it appears, for now, The B Word was just what the crypto world needed. And it appears to have reached quite a few and inspired new hodlers.

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