500 Followers & How I Discovered Bitcoin

Good evening, morning, or afternoon fellow P0x'ers...wherever you may be reading. This past week, I hit a milestone here on this wonderful platform -- finally hitting that milestone 500 follower count. Thank you to all that have done so and read what I write. The subjects I blog about are far and wide: crypto, stocks, memes, or whatever I randomly scrawl about. So whatever reason you're a follower of RocketEnthusiast...thank you very much for the support!


Occasionally, I think about how there's just not enough hours in each day. Personally, I would love nothing more than to have more free time to research, write, and report on all things that interest me. There's a lot yet to be uncovered out there. But time is limited and matters of paramount triumph everything else. That being said, let me take a moment and use the second half of this post to reflect on just how I discovered Bitcoin. For anyone that cares to comes story time.

It was back in early 2011; I was in school looking for a fresh career path. I was working a graveyard shift job, while taking classes during the day. Sleep was pretty hard to come by, but I made it work in between. As you may imagine, I was looking at all ways to earn extra money. It got to the point of entering search terms into Google such as "make money online" or "free money online." I believe it was the latter search that led me to the Bitcoin white paper

I read it once...twice...a third time. I didn't quite grasp the technical aspects of it, but I pretty much understood the basic concept of the proposed system. I thought, "well that sounds neat but where can I get some." Back then, it wasn't as simple as it was today to buy it on an exchange. Yes, there were exchanges but it wasn't exactly an easy process converting fiat to BTC. And, after all, I was simply looking for "free money" at the time. I discovered the Gavin's Bitcoin faucet, but that only paid out once a day and often times was already dry for the day by the time I got to it. After a few more months of research, I came to the conclusion that participating in running a miner would be the best way to acquire some more Bitcoin. It's funny seeing this post I made on all these years later, when I first set it up:


So anyway, I participated in what was then known as Slush Pool for a couple of months. It's amazing that one used to be able to run a mining node on a Macbook Pro. It did run pretty hot and took all the computing power. I didn't run it constantly, which would explain why my original BTC Core wallet only ever wracked up a balance of 0.01506277 BTC. But regardless, it was a start. Anyway, after running the miner for a few months I decided it wasn't exactly worth my time and energy. Also, I needed to free up my laptop for school work. So I shut down the Diablo Miner, never to start it up again. I completely forgot about Bitcoin (including the keys to my original wallet...whoops) until 2020.

Hope you found this post at least entertaining. Again, a special thank you to all my followers here on Publish0x. Enjoy your weekend!


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