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    Frankly speaking the era of cryptocurrency was ushered in by bitcoin,which is consider as the digital currency by excellence.

But in its wake ,over the year there have been cryptos that brought each their own innovation.

                                        XRP ( Ripple) 

XRP is the third most quoted currency on the market currency.only 43% of Ripple tokens is in circulation ,the rest is held by Ripple ,that is going to be release 1 billion a month.

Ripple is adopted by great companies such as Unitcredit, UBS and standard,more and more banks and payment network use Ripple for its amazing transaction speed ,also the stability of his technology  and for chance  to use its cryptocurrency as means of transaction,volunteers all around the world control their entire security system and has low energy consumption .It is said that Ripple developed solutions that make it the best structure to globally carry out payment and liquidations on,specially for financial institutions .

                                     LTC ( Litcoin ) 

litecoin is one of the most known cryptocurrency tokens after Bitcoin. Charlie Lee its inventor created litecoin through a hard fork of bitcoin inheriting most of its features . Charlie Lee worked at google but his interest in economy and mistrust towards the banks lead him to dive into crypto world and started working at coinbase just around 2014. Described as " the money of the internet era " Litecoin was designed with a very specific mission to be a peer-to-peer digital currency allowing instant payment ,almost cost free and worldwide in 2017 it set a world record : a transaction from Zurich to San Francisco was confirmed in less than a second. 

                                  ETH ( Ethereum ) 

A certain Vitalik Buterin approached the blockchain technology by working as a software developer for bitcoin at just age 17 ,there he started conceiving a platform that could go beyond the financial uses allowed by bitcoin .He was the first person to publish the white paper of Ethereum one of the most ambitious projects in the crypto world .What then Ethereum came to be is not only a network for the exchange of cryptocurrencies but also a platform to run smart contract on the great revolution brought by Buterin has been to build a structure allowing every developer to easily create blockchain base Apps ,by using the Eth token to pay the platform's fees on computational power.

Ether is the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network one of the fastest in verifying and validation a transaction.Blokchain







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Abali Ikulu
Abali Ikulu

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