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By Abali Ikulu | Rocket | 28 Jun 2021


 As most of us know, human being is a social creature that is why we live in group that we call , village, city,country,agglomeration

etc This fact is a long process set up behind the time early from existance of human on earth, There are many reasons why people live in group 1 . The fear of being attack by ennemies, 2. Relaying one an other. 3.The custody, and many more ,Presently as that criminality has grow significally few people live in isolate area,many have return to join the village, town or city for their safety .

 Presently life has one side effect, one side design, we relay on someone always ,some are those who choose to work for their own , some are those who work for the company ,for those who work for themselves they have their choice too < with who they are working ,who are their partner they trust and relay on, Those who chose the company to work with thing are little bit complicated ,The company doesn't accept candidat without evaluating they intellectual capacity neither ability to adapt the domain they have chosen to work with this question , this refrain came always : < What will be your contribution for joining the company > ?

What companies need is not to see someone who come to fight them , destroy them but someone who will really be a partaker , a body member of te company . That is why also many companies have their Term of service, and Policy , people have access to they service unless they raed their policy. What the Countries from the south do not know is that people from  Rish countries leave in group , association, company,club,entreprise ,organization etc, this make thing work, and this style of life make thier people be mighty and rich because people think big, and they capitalization goes beyong the normal.

When we find the business that fit our need we do not spraed the news about it but we become also part of it, we do things like it is our own business this what most the companies need , In internet area mass adoption is requiered ,the more people the platform has , the more impact will the company expect, Principally for those who run their own token or virtual money the coin   

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Abali Ikulu
Abali Ikulu

I am Mr Ikulu Abali from Democratic Republic of Congo Resident in Mozambique, I am a professional Artist Musician. I am married and have children i am actually living in Maputo. I like dealing with internet matter, because I believe in it.


The aim of creating this blog is to share internet resources with friends and readers. In this blog I will be posting articles related to crypto, blockchain, technology and many more. I am an honest guy ,anything I will be posting here is true in case it is a bounty project topic or any of this kind. I would like readers to take my post seriously because of the love I may show for resolving some financial issues with my proper experience or through the business I am doing or pass-through. Thank you.

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